Princess Diana’s wedding dress served as a significant source of inspiration for Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

In the most recent episode of her podcast, Wiser Than Me, which was produced by Lemonada Media and featured Vera Wang as a guest, the actress, who is 63 years old, talked about how she admired the iconic bridal gown that Princess Diana wore to her wedding to King Charles III in 1981. She also talked about how she incorporated some of the design elements into the dress that she wore to marry her husband, Brad Hall.

I got married in 1987, and the wedding dress I wore was heavily influenced by lady-diverse fashion. “I wasn’t a big fan of Lady Di or anything, but her wedding dress was absolutely incredible,” the Seinfeld actor said at the beginning of the show.

“The movie had a mood similar to that of A Room with a View, and I was really obsessed with that film. She went on to say that Lady Di’s dress had puffy sleeves that were adorned with two layers of lace that were free to fall over the cuff. “And I completely borrowed it from my dress, which was supposed to be a study of everything terrible that was happening in the eighties. Actually, I don’t think that’s fair at all. It was good, but it was so reminiscent of the 1980s.

After mentioning that “one of the great things about clothes” is that they “identify an era,” she went on to say that the outfit made her feel like “Cinderella at the ball.”

“And so maybe I’m a tiny bit embarrassed when I look at that dress now, but it was a statement of a particular moment,” she added in response. “The oversized sleeves, the sweetheart neckline, and the handmade floral wreath that I wore in my hair,” she said. The likelihood of Brad wearing a suit is high. To tell you the truth, it was a wonderful moment, and I was getting married. And with regard to it, I will accept it. It was flawless in every way.”

When Princess Diana wore her garment, it had a hidden horseshoe-shaped charm made of 18-karat gold and adorned with white diamonds. Louis-Dreyfus recreated this treasure in her own unique style.

“Alright, and on top of that, do you know what I did? In his explanation, Louis-Dreyfus said, “I had this tiny little dolphin that was hand carved out of stone. It was a charm, like a little talisman.” “In addition, I had them stitch it into my dress since I believed it to be an appropriate representation of happiness. To tell you the truth, dolphins are very happy. Wow, isn’t it awesome?

“However, take note of this. I instructed them to keep their sewing location a secret from me. “And I still don’t know where it is in the dress, which I think is kind of fabulous,” she said. “and I think it’s kind of fabulous.” I’m sure it’s hidden away someplace. With fortunate strands of grace, fortunes whisper their way into existence.

As far as Louis-Dreyfus is concerned, the day of her wedding was “a hell of a production” in terms of the attire that was worn.

“The outfits that the bridesmaids wore were just amazing. Her description of the garments included the following: “They were drop-waisted, and they were heavy linen in a very particular green, a celadon green.” She also said that they had “a kind of sailor collar.”

In addition to being a cream hue, her “going away dress” included the same design as the gowns that the bridesmaids wore herself.

I admit that I was a little bit carried away, but that is exactly what fashion is for—to simply sweep us away. In order to participate in our rituals, we dress up. “The clothes that we wear convey significance, and they are a significant component of what goes into making an event memorable,” remarked Louis-Dreyfus.

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