As allegations of problems in Jennifer Lopez’s marriage to Ben Affleck continue to circulate, she engaged with information on social media that discussed toxic marriages.

A relationship coach named Lenna Marsak revealed on her Instagram Stories on Thursday, May 16, that Lopez, who is 54 years old, had “liked” a post that was published on March 19 from her account. The article describes personality characteristics that some individuals bring into partnerships that the account considers to be detrimental for romantic relationships.

Marsak, who uses the name @yourcourageouscomeback on Instagram, sent a message that said, “Just logged on to Instagram and noticed @jlo liked my post.” Marsak posted a screenshot of a notice indicating Lopez’s official account had liked her post. The message indicated that Lopez had liked her post. “I’ll take it,” she said, “Jlo or her public relations team.”

Later on, on May 17, Marsak uploaded a video to his account in which he urged his fans to take care with Lopez, as she and Affleck, who is 51 years old, are now facing increased rumors surrounding their relationship. Because Jennifer Lopez is a human being, I ask that you treat her with more compassion. “I am not aware of whether or not they are going to divorce,” she said. “I really hope not, but if you don’t mind!”

In the article, it is said that individuals “cannot build a healthy relationship with someone who lacks integrity and emotional safety,” does not respect the time of others, “lacks effective communication skills,” and “does not know who they are or what they want.”

The behavior that Lopez is posting on Instagram comes at a time when there are increasing allegations of friction between her and Affleck. It was on March 30 in New York City when the singer and the director of Air were seen sharing a snapshot together while holding hands.

Lopez has been in New York City for a considerable amount of time during the month of April and the beginning of May, where she has been promoting the Netflix movie Atlas, shooting the next movie Kiss of the Spider Woman, and attending the 2024 Met Gala, which Affleck did not attend.

Affleck, on the other hand, has been working on a sequel to his picture The Accountant, which was released in 2016, on the west coast. It was during Netflix’s live roast of Tom Brady on May 5 when he made his most recent standalone appearance.

In 2021, Lopez and Affleck restarted their relationship, which had previously been a well-known relationship that lasted from 2002 to 2004. After having an elopement in Las Vegas in July 2022, the pair subsequently had a wedding at Affleck’s home outside of Savannah, Georgia, which was attended by a large number of celebrities.

Despite the fact that the pair does not shareThey worked together on the current musical film This Is Me Now…: A Love Story, which was directed by Jennifer Lopez, as well as the documentary that accompanied the film, titled The Greatest Love Story Never Told. Despite the fact that Lopez said that Affleck was “kind of the reluctant participant, silent participant and all” in the movie at a screening of the film in February, she also mentioned that the director, who won an Academy Award, provided his skills to the production.

During that time, she said, “It was not my idea to photograph each and every moment that we were making this happen.” It was my husband, who had a front seat to the entire thing really, who was the one who said, ‘We should be documenting this,’ and he brought on this fantastic crew, and that’s sort of how it occurred. “To be honest, when we started making the film, it just kind of got more and more bizarre,” she said of the situation.

There are no children that Lopez has with her ex-husband Marc Anthony; she has twins named Max and Emme, who are 16 years old. Affleck has three children with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner: Violet, who is 18 years old, Seraphina, who is 15 years old, and Samuel, who is 12 years old.

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