It was confirmed the previous week that school officials are not allowed to lead their children in prayer. The participants include of educators and staff members from Upperman High School and Cookeville High School, which are the two high schools located in Putnam County.

Furthermore, it is strictly forbidden for coaches of athletic teams to take part in the prayers they are being offered. A complaint was filed by a non-profit group known as Americans United for Separation of Church and State against a number of occurrences in which they said that individuals were seeking to convert others or evangelize others at activities that were organized by the same school districts.

They are of the opinion that many instances include the practice of preaching and praying in schools. In order to establish the law on this topic, the courts have often issued rulings that prohibit acts of this kind that take place inside public bodies such as municipal committees or school boards.

Students from religious minority as well as students who do not believe in a higher power may participate in such events, as stated by the organization. As a consequence of this, they do not want prayers to be conducted in locations where they can be seen as offensive by others who do not adhere to the beliefs.

PCS Superintendent Arnold Reed remarked that the district acknowledges the significance of prayer in the lives of its students in response to the complaints that were made against the education system. In accordance with the principles of the First Amendment that guarantee the right to free speech and religion, as well as the legislation of the state of Tennessee, which safeguards the rights of students to peaceful assembly, prayer is permitted. On October 15th, the PCS addressed recent incidents that occurred on campus, in which Upperman High School seniors were seen praying with leaders from other schools at Cookeville events like as football games or prom parties the previous year. These incidents occurred during a phone call with parents.

He continues by saying that they encourage people to pray as long as it does not interfere with the work of the congregation. Prior to this, there have been instances in which individuals led prayers without being authorized to do so. Nevertheless, in his interview, he clarifies any misconceptions that may have formed among persons who are opposed to such conduct because they feel excluded from such gatherings. He expresses his disapproval of the behavior in question.

The decision to attend Upperman’s Friday football game against Stone Memorial High School was made by Dustin Whitefield, who was one of the parents that made the investment. In contrast to what some people would believe, he asserts that he and other parents were engaging in this behavior because it was always a choice for them, and not because it was forced or pressured out of them. As an additional point of clarification, Dustin said in an email statement, “We are aware that this is a public school; however, prayer has never been really called into question before.” Despite the fact that the game was close, Upperman emerged victorious.

On Friday night, the players and cheerleaders achieved victory on their own, achieving a victory by a score of 27-9. However, the athletes were not the only ones who were having a good time by themselves. The parents joined the children in their march into the field for the prayer circle, and they did so by holding hands in a show of unity. The postgame celebrations attracted notice once again due to the fact that a large number of additional people showed their support from a distance. Parents came together in an act that has not been seen since the events of September 11, 2001, when it was seen that some American Muslims started holding similar gatherings at NFL games throughout the nation.

On Facebook, a local named Bob Vick shared a picture of the players coming together in prayer and showing their solidarity. This victory, he claimed, was a message from God to continue battling Satan’s influence in society, which he believed had been conquered tonight as a result of student-led prayers at Upperman Memorial High School, which were strongly supported by parents. He believed that this victory showed that Satan’s power in society had been destroyed. Participants had a spiritual awakening that motivated them to express themselves when the demonic dangers were vanquished. Since they are aware that the institution has their back, they do not feel threatened by the possibility of being assaulted while they are praying.

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