Shannen Doherty is adamant in her belief that scientific advancements may assist her in overcoming cancer; but, for the sake of her mother, she is still continuing to get go of her worldly belongings in preparation for her dying.

The revelation was revealed by the actress from “Beverly Hills, 90210” on the episode of her podcast titled “Let’s Be Clear” that aired on Monday. In the episode, she said that she had cleaned out her storage unit after coming to the realization that her personal belongings were a burden to her loved ones.

It was said by SD that she is giving her mother Rosa’s needs the highest priority at this time. She is doing this because she wants to leave her mother with very little to cope with in the event that she loses her battle with stage 4 cancer.

She went on to say, “Because it is going to be so challenging for her, I would like for other things to be a lot less difficult.” I don’t want her to have a lot of things to cope with, at least not right now. It is not in my best interest for her to have four storage units that are stuffed with furnishings.

Shannen intends to sell the goods that are stored in her storage unit, which includes a sizable collection of antiques, and she expects to use the proceeds to go on a trip with her mother. On the other hand, she will not use her funds to pay for these excursions because she wants to ensure that her loved ones are provided for in the event that she passes away.

Please keep in mind that Shannen first disclosed the diagnosis of breast cancer in the year 2015, before to undergoing treatment and entering a state of remission. Nevertheless, she disclosed in the previous year that the disease had reappeared at the fourth stage and had spread to her bones.

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