It is true that Ben Affleck has won an Academy Award, but it is possible that his most recent honor has just surpassed that.

An official Dunkin’ drink will be added to the menu for the person who has been a Dunkin’ fan for his whole life. As a result of the Dunkin’ Donuts advertisement that aired before the Super Bowl and showed Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Tom Brady working together to establish a boy band dubbed the DunKings, the coffee giant is introducing a DunKings menu throughout the country.

Affleck’s drink, which will be released on Monday, February 12, follows his “go-to order” and consists of iced coffee with cream and vanilla undertones, topped with delightful cold foam and a coating of cinnamon sugar.

One of the items that will be available on the DunKings menu is Munchkins Skewers, which Damon shown in the promo. There are three different Munchkins on a stick, and they may be added to any beverage (like olives on a martini), or they can be ordered on its own.

Additional items on the menu include the Everything Encore Breakfast Sandwich, which is a bagel topped with sweet black pepper, seasoned bacon, white cheddar cheese, and an egg; the Hazelnut Heartthrob Iced Coffee, which is a hot or iced coffee blended with sweet caramel, notes of hazelnut, and whole milk; and the Mixed Berry Beats Dunkin’ Refresher, which is a strawberry Dragonfruit Dunkin’ Refresher with an additional shot of raspberry flavor.

Aside eating the mouthwatering cuisine, spectators will also get the opportunity to wear the band’s goofy outfits from the Super Bowl commercial. Tracksuits and fuzzy hats featuring the DunKings will be available for purchase on beginning on Monday at twelve o’clock noon Eastern Time.

All three of them get together in the ad for Dunkin’ Donuts that will air during the Super Bowl in 2024 to honor the most popular coffee brand in Boston, and in the process, they interrupt Jennifer Lopez’s recording session.

An aide whispers in Lopez’s ear, “He’s here,” as they are both working at a music studio. Concerned, Lopez responds with a “No.” As Affleck rushes into the recording studio, he is dressed in a “DunKings” tracksuit, which prominently features the pink and orange hues that are associated with the brand.

What’s that? Please take into mind the Boston Massacre that has just occurred. It is he who announces the name of the band, and he calls them “The DunKings!”

It is revealed that Brady and Damon are the other members of the DunKings band as Lopez goes to great lengths to conceal her face in humiliation.

In utter astonishment at their performance, Lopez’s jaw had completely dropped.

“This is something that we discussed,” she reprimands her spouse. Damon drinks his coffee in an odd manner, complete with the impaled Munchkin decorations placed on top of it. The shocking conclusion is that Lopez urges one of the members to hold back, and it is not Affleck. Who is Tom? “You are free to remain,” she tells the quarterback who had played for the New England Patriots.

After the establishment shuts, Affleck and Damon are seen strolling outside. When I told you that I would do anything for you, do you remember that? Damon inquires with his lifelong companion. There is no limit to this.

On the other hand, Affleck answers, “Chill, they’re naming a drink after us.”

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