A young lady who was given the name Primrose was born in China a few years ago. Her uniqueness stemmed from the fact that she was born blind. It was determined that the young lady was suffering from a condition known as congenital glaucoma. The baby’s eyes were a dazzling silvery white, and they captivated everyone.

Having said that, her parents did not need a child of such kind. As a result of Primrose’s mother abandoning her shortly after she was born, Primrose’s path ended up leading her straight to the orphanage. Indeed, no one was interested in adopting her. There is a possibility that they were reluctant to take on the responsibility of bringing up such a young child.

However, some time later, a couple from the United States named Arin and Chris Austin came upon the photos of the infant. They were already in love, had two children, and more than enough money. It would seem that no one could possibly think of something that is beyond this. Whatever the case may be, they were unable to left poor Primrose in her predicament.

Due to the fact that in such significant circumstances, numerous types of documentation need to be gathered and properly reviewed by attorneys, the adoption process takes several months to complete. In the end, everything worked out well, and the girl moved to the United States of America with her newfound parents.

After seeing the situation for a few years, the medical professionals came to the conclusion that in order to ease the excruciating pain, it was necessary to remove both of her eyes. Despite the fact that it was a difficult choice, they ultimately went ahead and made it: the child had a large operation and made a considerable recovery.

In the course of time, they would be required to fashion individualized prostheses for her. The parents of the child are certain that their daughter will have a happy life and that her blindness will not be a problem for her in any way.

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