In a stunning video, a doting mother records her eight-week-old child uttering the words “I love you.” For every parent, the moment they hear their child’s first words is always a fantastic and unforgettable event.

The majority of children are able to generate speech sounds that indicate the names of their parents or simply objects that they desire, such as a bottle of milk or a toy, by the time they are six months old.

Due to the fact that a baby may produce a wide range of sounds and noises, as well as cries, that represent varied needs, it may be difficult to hear these sentences.

A video that was uploaded to YouTube not so long ago showed an eight-week-old baby repeating the phrases “I love you” after its mother. This video caused a lot of people to be shocked. The latter intends to use a camera to capture the scenes that are taking place.

During the conversation that the mother was having with her little daughter, she was discussing how the previous Christmas had gone. The child was thrilled with the conversation, as she made cheering noises and smiled warmly.

It is possible that viewers would disagree with this assessment; but, for the mother, it was a wonderful experience with her child that she was happy to have captured on camera.

You may help your child’s intellectual growth by cheering and chatting to them on a frequent basis while staring at each other. This will support the development of their listening and speaking skills. As a consequence of this, it is advantageous to maintain regular communication with your kid when you are responsible for other responsibilities around the home.

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