Think back to when you were seven years old. Play-dough, toys, and best friends. Perhaps you might use a bright Crayola crayon to draw a cruel stick figure, or you could play Polly Wolly Doodle on the piano. Both of these activities are fun. The Christmas season would consist of Santa Claus and gifts, with well-known songs being yelled off-key with joy. In the year 2019, there is a little girl who goes by the name of Veronica. It seems like she is prepared for nothing out of the norm as she stands in front of her church, looking at the flowers with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Additionally, her black plaid school uniform skirt is complemented by her light blue blouse that is not tucked in. Her ensemble is finished off with dark bobby socks and shoes that are practical. Her blousy hair gives the impression that she has just returned from a storm that was quite windy.

She has the appearance of an ordinary child who is preparing to perform at a performance. Ben Bross, the guitarist, arrives and settles down close. Veronica wipes her nose in a casual manner as she watches Ben get ready to perform. As soon as Veronica takes a breath and begins singing, everything becomes different.

Everyone who hears her voice is completely captivated by it. This young woman has a tone that is so pure that it sounds like an angel. How exactly is that possible? As she performs the holy rendition of Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” she demonstrates that she has an abundance of natural talent. She possesses a pitch and control that are incomparable to that of someone her age.

At the same time, she exudes an air of complete ease. By decreasing her speed at the right time and raising her vibrato with the finesse of a Broadway star, she imbues the passionate lyrics with a gentle and lovely feeling. Bringing an ethereal devotion to the song that has stood the test of time.

When she is finished, she seems to be happy, but in a subdued manner. Her gift is really astonishing, yet she is completely unaware of its magnitude. It is impossible not to speculate about what she will be like in a few years. As Ben and Veronica grin at one another, she gives a little thumbs up to indicate her approval. As she expresses her gratitude to him for playing, he gives her a fist bump and murmurs, “You’re awesome.”

At the very end of the film, she looks at the camera with the kind of interest that is characteristic of children. She inquires, “Is this only capable of recording voice?” It is the ideal culminating point. She goes from being a singing angel to being a typical young child in a short amount of time. The whole world has warmed up to her. Following the uploading of the film on YouTube by Ben, it received more than 5 million views.

By Elen

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