The portrayal that Stone gave in the comedy ‘Poor Things’ earned her the award for Best Actress in a Comedy.
Emma Stone was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy), and when she ascended the stage to deliver her acceptance speech, a lot of things occurred place before and after she made her announcement.

In the beginning, as the names of the nominees were being recited on Sunday night at the Beverly Hilton, the cameras swung across to the nominee Jennifer Lawrence. She stared directly into the camera and mouthed, “If I don’t win, I’m leaving.” However, she is an excellent actor, despite the fact that she had a serious expression on her face.

Immediately after the announcement that Stone had been awarded for her performance in Poor Things, the cameras went to her close friend Taylor Swift, who was up and giving Stone a standing ovation. While she was clapping her hands enthusiastically, she hooted and yelled. Stone praised her ensemble once she was onstage and then announced that Poor Things, which was being marketed as a science fiction, fantasy, drama comedy, is really a romantic comedy.

According to Stone, her character, Bella Baxter, “I see this as a rom-com, in the sense that Bella falls in life itself, rather than a person,” she stated. “She accepts the good and the bad in equal measure — all of it is important.”

Dave McCary, her husband, was also shown gratitude by her.

“Dave, I have to start with you really quickly,” according to Stone. “You are extremely dear to my heart. I am grateful to you for everything.

Stone triumphed over other contenders such as Lawrence (No Hard Feelings), Natalie Portman (May December), Alma Poysti (Fallen Leaves), Margot Robbie (Barbie), and Fantasia Barrino (The Color Purple).

With Stone and Swift, it was a moment that seemed like they had come full circle. The singer who is known for her hit song “Cruel Summer” made a stealthy appearance at the New York City premiere of her friend’s new film, as reported by ET a month ago. Swift was not present at the occasion and did not walk the red carpet. On the other hand, the vocalist from Midnights was in the spotlight on Sunday thanking her buddy for their success.

It is unknown if Lawrence truly departed following Stone’s significant victory.

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