Because of his incredible skill as a football player, David Beckham has garnered the support and admiration of millions of people all around the globe. Despite this, David is beloved not just for his professional success as a soccer player, but also for the dedicated husband and father he is. In addition to showering his wife and children with all the love in the world, he has also shown that he is the kind of person who would do all in his power to safeguard his children.

David, a renowned English soccer player, and Victoria, also known as Victoria Adams, a member of the girl group Spice Girls, have been married for close to twenty-five years and are very much in love with one another. Since that time, they have been blessed with four children: their oldest, Brooklyn Joseph, followed by Romeo James, then Cruz David, and finally their only daughter, Harper Seven.

Brooklyn, the couple’s oldest kid, has been creating a reputation for himself in the photographic world over the last several years by showcasing his talents and showing off his work. And much like many other sets of dads and kids, David and Brooklyn have a resemblance to one another, with Brooklyn seeming to be a carbon copy of his father.

The family would do a lot of uprooting in the first decade of Brooklyn’s life, moving from Manchester to the south of England, to Madrid, Spain, and then to Los Angeles, California, before finally settling down in the United Kingdom in London in 2013. This was all before Brooklyn turned ten years old. Since David was a professional soccer player, his vocation required him to change teams often. Because of this, David’s family had to relocate frequently in order to keep up with him.

But, if there is one thing that David’s followers know all too well about him, it is that he is one of the most devoted dads that are now available. When they have the opportunity, he makes it a point to take them on adventures in the great outdoors whenever he can.

On November of 2019, he uploaded a snapshot to his Instagram account showing Brooklyn and Harper sharing a doughnut together.

Fans can witness to the fact that David loves each of his children equally, but they also know that he is quite protective, especially of his only daughter. It was impossible for him to disguise the fact that he was overjoyed about the coming of his only daughter into their life when she arrived into their family.

His adorable daughter surprised her father with twin sweatshirts from “Friends,” which is one of her father’s favorite television series, as if it weren’t already clear that Harper is her father’s little girl.

“Good Sunday … How are things going for you, friends? David shared his thoughts by stating, “Harper Seven is aware of how much I like ‘Friends,’ so she surprised me with my sweatshirt this morning.”

They decided to spend some quality time together and strengthen the link between father and daughter by traveling to Italy in June of 2022. The fact that he posted a video of himself and Harper eating gelato together at nine in the morning demonstrates that he does, on sometimes, indulge his daughter in a little of spoiled behavior.

In the caption of his photo, he said, “Ssssssshhhhhhh don’t tell mother 9 AM Gelato.” “Sorry mother @victoriabeckham making amazing moments with #HarperSeven,” he wrote. “Creating wonderful memories with #HarperSeven.”

David and Harper may be seen in another picture that was posted on a local tourist guide website called Visit Italy. The shot was taken in Venice, Italy, and it was shared there.

Yet, Harper has been the target of several harsh remarks against her as early as the year 2012, notably about her physical appearance and the amount of weight she carries.

Someone wrote, “I hear poor little Harper Beckham is already too heavy to wear her Mother’s clothing,” and someone else added, “I feel terrible for the young girl.”

“LMAO! Someone else made a remark that “you really need to be cautious or you’ll end up with a scenario like Harper Beckham.” “Hey, I know that large kids are healthy babies, but you really need to be careful or you’ll end up with a situation like Harper Beckham.”

In October of 2017, Harper was once again the subject of cruel remarks due to the fact that she was overweight.

“She is enormous; in fact, she is larger than her mother! One of the commenters said that the youngster needed to reduce their weight.

Someone else made the observation that Harper is six years old, which is far beyond the period when she should still have baby fat.

When David and Victoria found out that their daughter had been the target of fat-shaming comments made by other people online, they naturally became upset. Victoria’s concerns stemmed from the fact that she did not want her daughter to develop an unhealthy preoccupation with the way her body appears.

An source informed the Daily Star that Victoria was “shocked and appalled by the insults about her young kid.” “Victoria was horrified and disgusted by the comments over her little girl.” “That really saddened her, and she would hate for Harper to ever hear things like that and get preoccupied with her body image,” she said. “It truly disturbed her.”

In the meanwhile, the source said that David was seething furious as a result of the insults, which nearly prompted him to respond to it on social media. But, David was warned against doing so in order to prevent encouraging trolls to continue talking on the topic.

“David was seething and wanted to post something about it on social media but was instructed not to since it may encourage the trolls,” the source said. “David was fuming and wanted to post something about it on social media.”

It’s possible that this is the reason why David takes his daughter out on dates so often.

Even though Harper does not yet have official accounts on social media platforms, Victoria has admitted that a part of her is concerned about the prevalence of body shaming on these platforms. This is especially concerning for Victoria given that her daughter is at an age when changes in her body are beginning to take place gradually.

As Harper does not use social media, there is no need for us to be concerned about this just yet. “But knowing how vicious people can be, yeah, it truly does (worry me),” she said in an interview with Vogue that was published in July 2022.

“She’s at the age when her body is going to start changing, but the most important thing is to make sure that we speak a lot as a family and that she surrounds herself with wonderful companions. But I won’t lie to you—it is quite unsettling,” she said.

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