Jessica Simpson has been in the public view since she was 17 years old, and she has often discussed the difficulties she has encountered surrounding her body image and growing up in the public eye while navigating a career in the music industry. The criticism that the public has placed on her body image has only become worse as she has gained weight with all three of her pregnancies. Since then, the singer has been on a path toward holistic health that has led to her adopting healthy habits, which resulted in her losing more than 100 pounds in the span of only one year.

Simpson is an American actress, singer, and fashion designer. She was born in the United States. After singing for several years in her church choir, she was discovered by Columbia Records in 1997 and given a recording contract at the age of 17. The year 1999 saw the release of her first studio album, which was titled “Sweet Kisses.”

Simpson is well-known, apart from her achievements as a singer, for the period of time during which she was married to fellow pop star Nick Lachey. After being married in 2002, the pair agreed to let their lives be documented in a new reality series called “Newlyweds,” which recorded their lives as they learned what it was like to be married at that time. They were together for a total of four years until breaking up in the latter half of 2005. In 2006, the divorce between them was finally formalized. After another four years, she met the NFL player Eric Johnson, the father of her children Maxwell, Ace, and Birdie, and fell in love with him. Their family eventually expanded to include three children.

Simpson’s private life and looks came under scrutiny once again when she uploaded a picture of herself on Birdie’s fourth birthday on March 17, 2023. The photo was taken at Simpson’s celebration of Birdie’s birthday. People were concerned and shocked when they saw the singer appearing smaller than her typically curvaceous physique, which raised concerns about the choices the singer had made in the past about her health and her lifestyle. Continue reading if you are interested in learning more about Simpson’s struggle to lose weight.

After Simpson put on a significant amount of weight and gave birth to her first child, the issue of her weight gain became a popular topic of conversation in the tabloids. As a first-time expectant mother at the time, the “Dukes of Hazzard” star told USA Today that her pregnancy gave her a “big appetite,” which made her feel “constantly hungry,” and ultimately resulted in a weight increase of 70 pounds in only nine months’ time. Simpson said that “being pregnant for two years took a toll” on her body, which should come as no surprise.

Following the birth of her child on May 1, 2012, the pop diva began her mission to return to a healthy condition by embarking on a weight reduction journey and signing a deal with Weight Watchers for $4 million to become a spokeswoman for the company. According to an article published in Women’s Health, Simpson had shed 60 pounds by the month of November as a result of a stringent routine that included frequent exercise and a balanced, nutritious diet plan that was provided by her personal chef. Simpson said in the past to Entertainment Tonight that she couldn’t even stand to have her husband see her without a white shirt on, and that this was the same garment that she used to take a shower in.

Simpson also disclosed that she underwent a second stomach tuck, which resulted in an infection owing to the invasive nature of the operation and eventually led to her needing a blood transfusion. The infection was a direct result of the procedure. She was just 17 when she was told by a music executive that she needed to drop 15 pounds in order to succeed in the industry, which led to an addiction to diet pills.

In the meanwhile, colleagues and acquaintances of Simpson who are connected to Radar Online shared their concerns over the singer.

“Her cheekbones are sunken in, and her clothing hangs loosely off of her. “She doesn’t even look like herself anymore,” one of her pals told the site, referring to how she has changed her appearance. “Jessica has a natural hourglass figure. It doesn’t seem as if being so skinny is good for her health.

Simpson’s admirers brought up the subject of her weight once again in a post that she made in March 2023 in honor of her daughter’s birthday.

In her autobiography titled “Open Book,” which was released in February of 2020, Jessica Simpson disclosed further information on the singer’s troubled childhood as well as the pressures she endured in the form of alcohol misuse, diet pills, and surgery in her quest to acquire a physique that she was content with.

People in general and her admirers were highly aware of her battles with how she saw herself to look physically. Because of this, many of the singer’s Instagram fans were taken aback when they viewed her images from March 17, 2023 and saw that she had unexpectedly lost a significant amount of weight.

She posted a photo of herself holding her youngest kid while standing next to her husband with the following: “Birdie girl is my loud belting beauty with a set of set of lungs and a vocal box that could quite possibly bust mics and speakers very familiar if I do say so myself.” In the photo, she can be seen clutching her youngest child.

Simpson had lost a significant amount of weight in comparison to her previous size. The hollowness of her face, along with the fullness of her cheekbones and lips, gave the impression that her eyes were much larger and more prominent than they really were in the picture carousel.

The comments section was filled with harsh criticism from supporters of Simpson. Someone went as far as to say that they “wouldn’t know this was Jessica” if they weren’t following her around.

“Oh my god, is no one in her inner circle willing to be truthful with her? Another person said that all of these celebs did a complete number on their appearance. Someone another said, “What the hell happened to her face?”

One commenter went so far as to highlight the treatments she had undergone in the past to seem slimmer, saying, “D**n. The desire to make other people happy at the expense of one’s own happiness damaged such a lovely person. One can only hope that you are content. Continue to be kind.”

Someone else’s message said, “Oh my word- just love urself, stop this unnecessary surgery bs,” and it was accompanied by an emoji. “Please let your face go natural, you were so pretty naturally,” one person said. “I’m begging you.”

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