The smash hit “Footloose” from 1984 is known as a cult classic, and there is a solid reason for this. Aside from the fact that the acting and the plot are so captivating, the music and the dance are also really addictive. It should come as no surprise that people continue to appreciate this film even after some time has passed.

Even in the most peculiar of settings, this video from 2011 captures the joy that the music may bring to someone who is looking to dance.

Due to the catchy nature of the theme song, it has the potential to inspire anybody to put on their dancing shoes and go out on the dance floor.

For this reason, it should not come as a surprise that “Footloose” was the song that YouTuber Preston Leatherman chose to use when he intended to record a performance of him dancing in public for the purpose of uploading it to his channel.

For his dance floor, Preston decided to go with Target. Preston danced and flailed about the retail shop as if he were the only one there. He had his earbuds so tightly in his ears that only he could hear the tune.

However, although some customers seemed to be entirely oblivious to the situation, others appeared to halt what they were doing to observe the insane dancing guy.

Some of the more enthusiastic customers even stopped what they were doing to join Preston in dancing, despite the fact that they were unable to hear the music.

After seeing him, everyone walks away with a grin on their face, regardless of who it is. When you see someone dancing with such a wonderful enthusiasm for life, it is impossible not to grin.

By Elen

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