Even if there have been hundreds of competitors featured on reality programs that are centered on competition, there are instances when a single audition is so remarkable that it causes us to shed tears. Despite the fact that everyone constantly has various perspectives on who should win the overall competition, Michael Ketterer was always the favorite to win from the beginning of one season of the iconic television show America’s Got Talent. This was something that happened throughout the whole season.

Not only was his voice absolutely great, but the narrative of his life was so moving that it caused everyone in the crowd to shed tears. His life story was really remarkable. It is impossible for you to believe the things that Michael has done in his life prior to reaching the point where he is today!

Michael is married to a woman whose name is Ivey, and the couple has a total of six children together. A total of five of these fortunate youngsters were adopted by Michael and his wife via the process of foster care. Sophie, who was their biological daughter, had begged her parents to have some boys when she was six years old. She wanted to have siblings so that she might have the opportunity to enjoy having brothers. They adopted three boys who were all brothers, a young man who was homeless, and a kid who was born with cerebral palsy. They did this because they were aware that they, too, would have like to have sons available to them.

Without a doubt, this narrative is moving and motivational for a great number of people, including the stern judge Simon Cowell. Not only did Michael have an incredible singing voice and a lot of skill, but he was also an inspiring human being and a fantastic guy in general, as Simon said in his remarks about his delight about having Michael on the program.

According to the video that can be seen below, Michael’s audition for America’s Got skill has already received more than two million views owing to the amazing skill that he has. Simon was moved to tears by the music that Michael selected for his performance since it was so emotionally strong and inspiring. When confronted with the brilliance of this competitor, the judge, who is generally upbeat and critical, was rendered speechless. Everyone who listened to the song experienced a range of emotions, including love, grief, and anguish; the performance was undoubtedly one that will be remembered for a long time.

The presence of someone who is so gifted that they manage to move the hearts of everyone in the room is not something that happens very frequently. In addition to receiving a standing ovation from each and every one of the judges as well as the crowd, Michael also cemented his position as one of the most popular candidates throughout the whole of the competition!

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