As a result of a public altercation, the friends got back in touch early this year.

Francia Raisa is revealing the details of how she and Selena Gomez reconciled their differences. In an interview with USA Today, the actress, who is 35 years old, discusses the circumstances that led to her and Gomez getting back together earlier this year after their previously publicized disagreement.

“It’s still crazy to me that people were invested in our friendship,” Raisa reflects on. “… I am not sure why the timing occurred in the manner that it did, but I recall being in St. Tropez in the month of June and having a constant conversation about her. It had been six years since we had last communicated with one another. With the exception of the previous year, we did not communicate at all.

In the following month, Gomez reached out to Raisa in a private setting after publicly wishing her a happy birthday on Instagram while she was celebrating her birthday.

“She reached out and said, ‘Let’s talk,'” remarked Raisa. They went to dinner together after that, and over that meal, they came to an agreement to put the past in the past.

We’ve never really had a disagreement with each other,” she said. “Nothing happened, and if you ask either of us, we don’t know what happened, but we certainly needed that time apart,” Raisa added. “We needed that time apart.” “Then when you come back together, you’re better people.”

She went on to say, “She and I are still getting to know each other again,” and she carried on. “And obviously, you know, I gave the girl a kidney so everyone felt a certain way and I was asked for years and years and years, ‘Do you regret it?’ and I was like, ‘No, the relationship has always been there.’ There was just a tiff.”

When Gomez was asked about her “friends in the industry” in an interview with Rolling Stone, she only mentioned Taylor Swift and not Raisa. This was the beginning of the public spat between the two ladies. When the quotation from Gomez was shared on Instagram, Raisa provided a comment that said, “Interesting.”

“Sorry I didn’t mention every person I know,” Gomez said in response to the quotation that was posted in the comments section of a TikTok video that was about the dispute.

At the moment when Gomez wished Raisa a happy birthday, the ice began to melt, and it totally vanished when they ate supper together. Check out the video below for additional information about the ladies’ previous rivalry.

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