During the month of December in 2016, Fisher passed away after suffering a sudden heart arrest.
In a touching post that she is making on the seventh anniversary of her mother’s passing, Billie Lourd is paying respect to her mother, Carrie Fisher, who passed away seven years ago.

On Instagram, the 31-year-old actress from Scream Queens posted a touching photo of herself and her mother from her youth. The photo was accompanied by a lengthy comment that discussed her ongoing pain and the influence that her mother has had on her throughout her life.

I have been grieving the loss of my mother for seven years now, but who is counting? I suppose that would be me? My anguish manifests itself in a new form with each anniversary that passes. “Some of them infuse me with rage, some of them cause me to cry all day long, some of them cause me to feel dissociated and empty, some of them cause me to feel nothing, some of them cause me to feel guilty for feeling nothing, and some of them cause me to feel all of those things at the same time,” said Lourd. As I awoke this year, I was filled with a sense of gratitude, or if you prefer, grieffullness. My life has been imbued with a feeling of appreciation that I had never experienced before because of my grief. Because of this, I try to savor every single moment of happiness as if it were my last.

During the course of this year, the actress from Ticket to Paradise said that she had an exceptionally strong sense of gratitude because of the beautiful moments she enjoys on a daily basis with her children. Together with her spouse of three years, Austen Rydell, Lourd has two children: Kingston, who is three years old, and Jackson, who is one year old.

When I was holding my baby while she was sleeping in my arms today, tears of happiness began to rise up in my eyes. I wept more because I was laughing at myself, and then I laughed at myself again. I experienced the presence of my mother as if it were the warmth of the sun kissing your skin on a hot summer day. “The kind of warmth that causes you to smile and close your eyes without even realizing it, while simultaneously taking a slow breath through your nose,” Lourd said.

The cliché is also true: she is with me every day, and she makes my happy times even more joyous. I miss her every day, but she is also with me every day at the same time. I tell my children that she lives in the stars, and she certainly helps my life shine brighter than it would otherwise. I am looking out for all of my mourners and sending them my love. In addition, I am hope that everyone will be able to experience a little amount of pain among the myriad of emotions that loss always brings. ❤️” the statement concluded.

After the conclusion of her book tour in 2016, Fisher passed away as a result of a medical emergency that occurred while she was traveling from London to Los Angeles and before her departure. A ventilator was installed in the Star Wars actress shortly after her arrival at Los Angeles International Airport. She was transported to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where she was treated for her condition. At the age of sixty, Fisher passed away four days after his passing.

Singing in the Rain actress Debbie Reynolds, Fisher’s mother, passed away from a stroke at the same time as her daughter, only one day after her passing. Additionally, Lourd has performed a memorial service for her grandmother, whom she referred to as “Abadaba,” a reference to Reynolds’ rendition of the song “Aba Daba Honeymoon.”

On Wednesday, the actress got words of support from her admirers and those who contributed gifs, quips, and love to the actress on the occasion of the difficult anniversary. These comments were below the post that Lourd made on Wednesday.

“So beautifully said and felt,” Lily Collins, the daughter of Phil Collins, the drummer and vocalist for Genesis, reacted to the question. “Emily in Paris”

Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, expressed her sentiments by writing, “Beautifully said, sweet friend  moving with our grief is the most life affirming thing we can do because it is the event that makes life so damn precious.” “How lucky we are to love people who can break our hearts, for it is the condition of being loved at all .”

In the years that have passed since the passing of her mother, Lourd has published a heartfelt homage to her “momby,” paying respect to the life and legacy that the Princess Leia actress has left behind. Additionally, in the month of May, the actress from American Horror Story received a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in her mother’s commemorative honor.

The character of Princess Leia was lauded by Lourd for possessing “strength, she is grace, she is wit, and she is femininity at its finest.” Her goals are clear, and she is able to achieve them. She does not need the assistance of anybody else since she is able to save herself and even save those who are attempting to save her. My mother is the only one who could have performed her role.

She said at the time that after the passing of her mother, she had “fallen deeply in love with Leia and the entire Star Wars universe.” She went from being a little girl who was hesitant to watch Star Wars to being a “obsessive Star Wars fan.”

“And I have now passed the torch, or in this case, lightsaber, onto my two children, Kingston and Jackson,” she said further. “Even though they won’t get the opportunity to meet my mother, they will be able to come to know a portion of her via Leia, and I will have the opportunity to break the news to them that the young woman they see on television is really my mother, who is also their grandmother. In addition to becoming a member of my own family, Leia has become something of a family heritage. I’m not the only one. I went to Star Wars Celebration the year before, and although though my mother was not there, I saw other moms and daughters, and even grandparents, dressed up as Leia. I also had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of people about how much my mother meant to them.

The actress also expressed her gratitude for the fact that the love that fans have for Princess Leia will continue to endure after the passing of her mother and “get passed on from generation to generation, just like my mother passed it on to me and I am now passing it on to my children and hopefully they will pass it on to theirs.”

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