A solitary piano may be found in a section of London’s St. Pancras International Station that is quite busy despite the fact that the station serves as a passageway for thousands of people every single day. Anyone who wishes to take a seat and play it may do so without any problems. Although many of the players who try to amuse visitors may give it their best effort, very few people have as much skill as one particular little child who chose to sit down and try his luck at dazzling the crowded audience.

A guy walked up just as the youngster was settling down to play and stopped him in the middle of his activity. The guy made a smirking face as he asked for “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the iconic song by Queen. The problem with “Bohemian Rhapsody,” however, is that it has a well-deserved reputation for being difficult to perform. Even very skilled pianists have trouble mastering the difficult piece of music on occasion.

What happened next really floored everyone, and fortunately, it was captured on tape. The little child started to play the well-known tune, but he didn’t just go through the motions of playing the notes. Instead, he started playing the song with such prowess that, if you closed your eyes and listened carefully, you could have sworn it was a fully grown man with many years of expertise sitting in front of the piano.

Everyone who walked by while the little child was playing could see that he was giving his game all he had, and it was inspiring to see. He shut his eyes and engaged his whole body in the act, allowing his enthusiasm to draw a throng to gather around him. The guy who had requested the song beamed with pride, visibly affected by the young man’s ability and enthusiasm for what he was doing.

We are really fortunate that the pianist himself captured this breathtaking moment on film and shared it on the internet. It turns out that this exceptionally gifted young man is none other than Cole Lam, a piano prodigy who is just 12 years old and who routinely performs in public settings. Not only is Cole an outstanding pianist, but he is also a singer and composer in his own right.

This tale also has a humorous turn of events. Before the guy had stopped Cole to make his request, Cole had already intended to play the song regardless of what the man had to say. Despite the man’s attempt to disrupt the performance, “Bohemian Rhapsody” was always going to be performed.

By Elen

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