On Monday, the couple announced their relationship to the world through Instagram.
Blac Chyna is bringing her love to the attention of the whole globe! The model, whose true name is Angela White and who is 35 years old, made her relationship with her new partner, the GRAMMY-winning producer and rapper Derrick Milano, public on Instagram on Monday.

The TV personality simply captioned the photo with the phrase “X” followed by @derrickmilano. Angela may be seen grinning at Derrick as she is perched on his lap in the accompanying photograph.

Derrick went to his separate Instagram account in order to inform his fans of the news and celebrate the couple’s love with them.

“It hits different when you find your best friend and lover at the same time. Love you Angela,” he wrote to her in the text message she received. A photo of the two of them smiling broadly and laughing can be seen in the post that the rapper published online. In the image, he is seen holding Angela in the air while laughing with his friend.

The reaction of their friends and fans to their announcement was very positive.

Someone commented, “You’re glowing from happiness ” on your post.

“Happiness looking good on you Angela,” another person remarked.

“Oh my god, this is incredible! I adore that you did this for her. “, stated a third party.

Angela and Derrick, both 29, have not disclosed any information about their romantic history to this point.

Angela has had children from prior relationships with Rob Kardashian, with whom she has a daughter named Dream who is 6 years old, and with Tyga, who is the father of her son King Cairo, who is 10 years old.

After undergoing significant change over the last year, the hero of Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test has just received some uplifting news. The reality TV personality completed one year of sobriety only the week before last. Angela has also been transparent about the steps she has taken on her path to recovery, such as eliminating her previous cosmetic surgery and becoming closer to her religious beliefs.

During an interview with ET that took place at the opening of the second season of Fox’s competition series, Angela said that she is “actually still healing.”

“I feel like it’s a process,” she added. “I feel like it’s a process.” “It’s not simply something that happens once. As humans, we are in a state of perpetual change and progression.

Angela remarked that the tournament showed her “that I do have more patience than I actually thought I had.” This is something that Angela did not know before the competition.

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