The popularity of Jelly Roll is reflected in its high demand. And you can bet your bottom dollar that the country artist has been inundated with requests ever since they announced that they would be performing at CMA Fest in Nashville, Tennessee. One individual that he will undoubtedly cover? Nobody else except Dwayne Johnson, of course.

The singer, who is 38 years old, discussed the close friendship he has established with Johnson over the course of the years with ET’s Kevin Frazier and Rachel Smith when they were playing golf at Topgolf. Kevin Frazier and Rachel Smith. According to Jelly Roll, whose real name is Jason DeFord, the requests for tickets to CMA Fest have been pouring in like a flood, and they have even come from The Rock.

“Yes, he is, buddy. Jelly Roll tells you, “Listen, he’s been my friend since the beginning.”

According to the singer, Johnson has been a Jelly Roll fan for quite some time now, even before the accolades and fame started flowing in. This was the case even before Jelly Roll became famous.

“I’m not making this up. “The Rock was listening to Jelly Roll music when only 30,000 people were listening to Jelly Roll,” the artist tells ET. “Spotify numbers said only 30,000 people were listening to Jelly Roll.” “He has in fact been at my side ever since I first started. I won’t get into the details of that tale here, but he claims that the music was there for him just when he needed it to be at a certain point in his life. And it was quite exciting to learn that from him. This occurred some seven or possibly eight years ago, and since then we have remained in contact. When I made my debut at the Grand Ole Opry, he was the first person to congratulate me. He was also the first person to congratulate me when I performed at the Ryman [Auditorium], which is a Nashville institution. The very first direct message I received after announcing the historic Bridgestone Arena performance in 2022. I’m referring to these high points in my professional life. He is always the first person to whom I address my mails.

Jelly Roll has also just released his first country album, titled Whitsitt Chapel. The singer claims that Johnson once again had his back when it came time to promote the record by sharing it with his more than 383 million Instagram followers.

“He not only posted it, but he also posted the album cover,” Jelly Roll reveals. “The second most popular Instagram account on the planet. Yeah.”

Jelly Roll, who is scheduled to make an appearance at CMA Fest for a live recording of the Country Heat Weekly podcast on Amazon Music, has now set his eyes on Hollywood. In addition, Jelly Roll hopes that Johnson would join him onstage at one of his future performances.

Jelly Roll utters the following phrase: “Hey, I told him I’m going to lose some weight and get my acting chops together.” “I want him to sing a song with me at the Grand Ole Opry and I want to do a movie with him, even if I’m just an extra like when I’m just in the background. “I want him to perform a song with me at the Grand Ole Opry. DJ, get ready for me, darling! You should know by now that I’ve got your back, sweetheart! I adore you!”

Jelly Roll has not shied away from the fact that he has had a complicated life, which includes stints in jail as well as stints spent addicted to drugs and living on the streets as a thief. This is not something that he is ashamed of. He hides his feelings under the music that he creates. And now, thanks to the new documentary Jelly Roll: Save Me, which is now available to watch online on Hulu, viewers can get a clearer perspective on the subject.

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