Al Pacino and Robert De Niro are two actors who do not need an introduction. For more than half a century, the two legends have been building their reputations in Hollywood with iconic film part after iconic film role, the most notable of which being the “The Godfather” trilogy, in which they both appeared. The performers have worked together in a number of previous films, such as “Heat” and “The Irishman.”

Incredibly, it was revealed in May 2023 that De Niro had just fathered his seventh kid with his girlfriend Tiffany Chen, despite the fact that he was 79 years old at the time. The actor’s other six children are all from three different women, and his oldest child is now 51 years old. They consist of a daughter who was adopted and a son who was born as a result of his marriage to Diahnne Abbott, twin boys who were born as a result of his previous connection with actress Toukie Smith, and a son and daughter who were born as a result of his previous marriage to Grace Hightower.

In the meanwhile, Pacino, who was 83 at the time, revealed later that month that he and his fiancĂ©e Noor Alfallah, who was 29, were expecting their fourth child together. His eldest kid, Julie Marie Pacino, is 33 years old, and the actor and acting instructor Jan Tarrant are the parents of this child. Later in his life, Pacino had a significant relationship with the actress Beverly D’Angelo, with whom he had twins named Anton James and Olivia Rose. They were both born during their time together.

After the huge baby announcements for the pair of friends in May 2023, Robert De Niro made an appearance on “Today With Hoda And Jenna” on June 1, 2023, where he was questioned about the possibility of becoming a parent at his age. De Niro spoke warmly about parenthood and, without breaking a beat, shared his opinion to his close buddy Pacino also taking on the all-important position in his 80s. De Niro’s comments were quite heartfelt.

Find out in the following paragraphs how Robert De Niro reacted to the news that Al Pacino will also become a parent around the same time as he will.

An interview with ET Canada’s Brittnee Blair was conducted on May 8, 2023, for the purpose of discussing Robert De Niro’s most recent film, “About My Father.” In the film, De Niro plays the role of comedian Sebastian Maniscalco’s eccentric father in a movie that is based loosely on his real-life relationship with his father. On May 8, 2023, De Niro broke the news that he was a new father himself.

Blair shifted the topic of conversation to focus on Robert De Niro’s inward struggles with parenthood. Blair started to say, “I know you have six kids,” but De Niro cut her off and pointed out that she had made a mistake. “Seven, actually,” he said, and then added, “I just had a baby.”

Blair had a hard time concealing her shock at the information and extended her congratulations to her. She followed up by asking him whether he thought he was more of a “cool” sort of parent or if he had experienced any humiliating dad moments. He stated that he and his children experience the regular highs and lows together, just as most other fathers do.

“I don’t think that I’m a cool father…. I’m okay…. My daughter, she’s 11, she gives me grief sometimes. I’ll argue with her (but) I adore her and with my youngest now, that will be more to come,” he stated. “I don’t think that I’m a cool father.”

De Niro did not, however, specify the date when the kid was born or the identity of the person with whom he shared the child; yet, this information was eventually made public. The one thing that can be said for certain, though, is that the actor will continue to care for his child in the same manner that he has cared for all of his children over the years.

You always want to do the right thing by the children and give them the benefit of the doubt but sometimes you can’t,” he added. “I don’t want to have to lay down the law and things like that.” “But (sometimes), you simply have no choice. And any parent, I believe, would say the same thing.”

During Robert De Niro’s debut on “Today with Hoda and Jenna,” the presenters congratulated him on becoming a parent at such a mature age and questioned him about his experience. The actor sidestepped the topic and instantly brought up his friend Al Pacino before he even attempted to answer it.

“Listen, Al Pacino just had a baby, I was told yesterday morning, and he’s a few years older than me. God bless him, I’m very happy for him,” Robert De Niro stated.

The actor acknowledged that being a parent “feels great.” In response to a question about whether or not being a father for so many years makes a difference, Robert De Niro said:

“As you get older, you gain an awareness of certain things in life, such as the dynamics of everything and everyone, including the dynamics of your family. You can’t avoid learning certain things, such as how you can deal with those and manage them, as well as the usual this and that.”

After the presenter, Hoda Kotb, commented on how “weird” it was that the two legendary actors were entering parenthood again at the same time, Robert De Niro responded with a simple statement:

“I can’t believe it, but I couldn’t be happier about it.”

During a press conference for the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival, the legendary actor was questioned about Al Pacino’s recent announcement about the birth of his child, as reported by People. “What a guy,” De Niro added. “Go, Al, and may God bless him.” ”

Pacino is a seasoned parent, similar to his close buddy Robert De Niro. In an interview that took place in 2014 with The New Yorker, Pacino explored his concept of fatherhood in relation to his three other children.

“I owe it to them to be responsible. I play a role in the lives of those people. It is frustrating for both myself and them when I am not there. So this is a piece of the whole picture. And I get a lot of benefit from it. “It gets you out of your head,” was all he had to say about it.

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