The adoption by a family brought Blue King, also known as Blue, the Pit Bull, indescribable delight.

He loved them deeply and did all in his power to ensure that they were content at all times. When it came time for the family to relocate to a shiny new home, the decision to “let him go” was made with relative ease. They left him at a shelter with a high rate of euthanasia and never came back.

Blue had a bad feeling about being at the sanctuary, but he was certain that he would be reunited with his family soon. But, when the harshness of the situation set in for him, he became upset. He continued to engage in excessive mental processing, becoming convinced that his folks had truly deserted him on account of his not being a “nice kid.” The workers promptly located him sobbing in the kennel, and tears were seen running down his face.

The homeless shelter did its best to cheer Blue Blues by preparing his favorite meal for him to eat. On the other hand, Blue did not even bother to look at what was being served. He stopped wagging his tail as soon as the employees touched him and turned his back on them. He never stopped praying for the safe return of his loved ones. When the sanctuary found out about his precarious situation, they made his story public on social networks and begged people for assistance in saving him.

A woman named Jennifer McKay was crazy about Blue! She took the initiative to adopt him and put in a lot of effort to help him recover from the traumas that being abandoned had caused him. Blue is a contented and joyful puppy who does not have to worry about whether or not his mother’s affection will always be there for him anymore! This sweet little child will never have to shed another tear ever again!

By Anna

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