Before appearing in films together, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were business partners in the form of a joint bank account.

The pair of Oscar winners have known each other since they were students in high school when they shared the same goal of succeeding in Hollywood. During the edition of “The Bill Simmons Podcast” that aired on Wednesday, the two individuals discussed how creating a checking account together when they were both adolescents in the late 1980s was a means to assist them in pursuing their ambitions.

Damon said that while it was strange, they needed the money for auditions, and he referred to the situation as “a bizarre thing in hindsight.”

Affleck has said that they were pulling for one other’s success as actors and felt comfortable sharing their money since they were best friends who were both trying to make it in the acting business.

What Affleck has stated, “We were going to support each other and be there for one other.” It was almost as if they were saying, ‘You’re not going to be alone. I won’t be alone myself at any point. Come on, everyone, let’s get this done together!'”

During the years, whenever Damon or Affleck, who were also roommates, secured a part, money would be sent into the account, with certain roles being more significant than others.

Damon said that as long as one of them had money, none of them would have to worry about the electricity being turned off. After I finished filming ‘Geronimo’ in 1992, I had around 35,000 dollars in the bank. I thought to myself, “we should be OK for the next 12 months.”

On the other hand, the performers didn’t give themselves carte blanche to spend the money any way they pleased from the bank account. Instead, there were restrictions placed on how the young performers might use the money that was provided.

“You were given permission to use the money to attend auditions in New York, and you did so. “You were permitted to withdraw ten dollars, purchase quarters, and then go to (the arcade) in order to play video games,” Damon said. “Eventually, we were granted permission to attempt to purchase alcohol, but it was a complete and utter failure.”

Although the bank where they kept their account is no longer in business after thirty years, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck continue to collaborate on projects, the most recent of which is the film “Air,” which Affleck directed.

“I really like working with this individual. Affleck said, “I just like spending time with him.” “If you are able to work with amazing individuals who are also nice people, it makes for a far more gratifying experience, both personally and professionally.”

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