Meet Howard, a Great Dane puppy who is now 5 months old and is still getting acclimated to the rapidly expanding size of his body.

According to Howard’s mother, Ellen MacKenzie, who spoke with The Dodo, “He’s all legs at the moment.” “He’s still scratching his head over how those things operate,” we said.

So far, Howard has mastered a few hobbies, such as swimming in Lake Superior and peacefully strolling through dog-friendly establishments with his mother. He also enjoys swimming in Lake Superior.

But, he is continuing to concentrate on sitting elegantly in a vehicle, both when it is parked and when it is moving.

Despite the fact that he has free reign of the rear seat whenever they are in the car together, Howard the dog is always eager to investigate new areas of the automobile. He will cheerfully get into the front seat of the vehicle if it has been parked and the safety belt has been unclipped.

As the vehicle is going, Howard’s favorite thing to do is get himself up on all fours and poke his head out the open sunroof.

MacKenzie described the behavior of the horse as “he’ll put his head out and you’ll simply see ears and chops flying in the wind.”

And if the privacy screen in the hatchback is missing, Howard will often reach over the rear seat to have a whiff of whatever is in the trunk. His large front legs droop over the barrier whenever he smells anything especially delicious, leaving his rear legs hanging over the back seat of the vehicle.

MacKenzie is aware that she just has a few seconds to act whenever this occurs because she knows Howard would devour whatever it is that tempts him to go back there.

Because of this, when she glanced back over her shoulder after loading the trunk with groceries one day and noticed a set of Great Dane legs floating in the back, she immediately began frantically yelling out Howard’s name.

MacKenzie expressed her concern by saying, “I didn’t want him to go into the bread bag.” “I simply kept saying, ‘Howard! You need to get out of there!'”

MacKenzie was successful in attracting Howard’s attention; nevertheless, the large dog did not return to his position upon hearing his name, contrary to what MacKenzie had thought would occur. The funniest optical illusion ever was created by merely turning his head and resting it on the side of the backrest while keeping his front legs firmly planted in the trunk.

MacKenzie made a split-second choice to film the humorous incident in a 9-second video and send it to her pals. This decision was made possible by the fact that the automobile was parked. They advised her to upload it on TikTok, at which point it gained widespread attention almost immediately after she did so.

MacKenzie got a shot of the famous video just before it was about to become viral. As swiftly as he had grown, Howard was no longer able to wrap himself around the center headrest in that manner.

MacKenzie said that now that he had done it, he was unable to turn back. “His rear end becomes wedged between the center headrest and the side headrest,” you say. To get him unstuck, I had to bring the automobile to a full stop first.

Since Howard is growing taller by the day, it won’t be long until he can no longer trunk-surf. MacKenzie says that the Great Dane, who is getting bigger and reminds her of Scooby Doo, still has one mischievous vehicle habit that he gets to enjoy.

MacKenzie said, “I discovered a Scooby Doo Mystery Machine vehicle sticker, and now it’s on the back of my car, while Howard’s ears and chops are out the window enjoying life.” “There’s no denying that he’s quite the character.”


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