When Mitzi Brogdon saw the eyes of a person with a plaintive expression, she was in the middle of a very busy day. A dog with brown and black fur was seen standing by itself in the corner of a gravel parking lot near the road. The president and director of Street Dog Rescue & Recovery had already saved one more dog earlier in the day, but she realized she couldn’t keep going like that.

When she got closer to the stray puppy, who she eventually decided to call Dolly, she was amazed by how kind she was.

Brogdon said that the woman approached him immediately and allowed him to pet her.
Yet it became apparent that Dolly need something more than just devotion. The adorable puppy seemed to be pleading with Brodgon to accompany her along a lane that led away from the traffic.

Brogdon said, “She began going up the path to the cell tower, and I followed her.” I did this because I was curious about what she was doing. “At that point, I looked around and saw all of the pups running out from behind this fallen log,” the narrator says.

Brogdon started counting as soon as the first puppy came bounding out from behind their temporary shelter. The discovery of this staggering number of pups, sixteen in all, came as a complete shock to even the most seasoned dog rescuer.

“I’m accustomed to seeing dogs everywhere in Oklahoma,” Brogdon added. “I’m used to seeing dogs in Oklahoma.” “Yet, seeing that many at once were still surprising.”

Dolly had been caring for a large number of children that were not her own, as Brogdon’s investigation finally revealed that the pups were from three other litters of puppies. The courageous mother had ensured that her children were protected from danger by herself, providing them shelter and shielding them from the elements. It was hard to say how long they had lived on their own, but it is quite evident that they would not have been able to exist without Dolly.

During the time that she had to wait for the rescuer to arrive, Brogdon socialized with the group of pups and made friends with them. It made her feel terrible to realize that the puppies had been adored in the past because of how well-adjusted and socialized they were.

In the end, Brogdon was successful in capturing the pups. However, another problem arose, which was how she was going to keep 17 canines in a region where the majority of animal rescue institutions were already at full capacity. Brogdon made a live video on Facebook in which he asked for assistance and eventually found homes for all of them with organizations such as Forever Yours Dog Rescue, 405 Animal Rescue, The Fuzzy Friends Fund, and Safe Haven Animal Rescue.

The foster families will take care of the pups until they have completed their vaccinations and are healthy enough to be adopted. About Dolly, Brogdon has high hopes that this courageous dog, who is known for being very attentive and kind, will find a home of her own very soon. Already, there is a far greater amount of interest in the pups than there is in Dolly. Adopters are urged by Brogdon to give serious consideration to an older girl who is as worthy of a family and who is all set to join one.

“She is totally adoption ready, and she is a treasure,” said Brogdon of the young lady. It was she who came to the rescue of the pups.

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