When Sanctuary Rescue learned about Abby, they immediately realized that she need their assistance. This is because they often take in dogs who had been abandoned at local shelters. Abby was surrendered to the animal shelter along with all of her things, which consisted of her bed, her toys, two bags full of her sweaters, a framed picture of her, and her twelve years’ worth of veterinary papers.

The financial situation of Abby’s family worsened, and they were unable to continue providing for her care in any other manner. They obviously had a tremendous amount of affection for her and wanted to make sure that her future family was aware of how lovely she was. They brought her to the animal shelter with them along with all of the comforts of home, including a photograph to serve as a constant reminder of how much they will always adore her.

On their Facebook page, Sanctuary Rescue decided to write, “We’re thinking about hanging the dog’s picture in our office to remind us to be humble, to give grace, to spend energy on loving instead of judging, and to always help wherever and whenever we can since you never know what the future holds and what curveballs life might throw you.”

Abby has made a smooth transition into a foster family and is doing really well. It is obvious that she was loved and cared for very well, and now that she is with a new family, she is having a great time getting to know everyone and being indulged all over again.

According to a statement written by Sanctuary Rescue, “[Her] foster parent told us that Abby, the senior beagle, had made herself completely at home.” The day before yesterday, she kept herself occupied by examining each and every dog bed in the house. She imagines herself to be Goldilocks.”

Soon, Abby will be available for adoption, and once she is, her prospective parents will, of course, be given all of her previous possessions so that they may understand the depth of the love that has always been felt for her.

By Anna

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