People walked by a dog all day long without showing any care for him; instead, the puppy would get up, wag his tail, and wait for aid while laying on the cold snow with trust in his eyes.

They had bloodsucking mites all over their bodies, and since they couldn’t tolerate the stress or the water, they weren’t cleansed. Instead, they were rushed to the veterinarian so that they could be warmed up. To our great relief, the medical clinic remained open till late. The pups have a positive test result for parvovirus, which is a fatal illness; the veterinarian provides individualized first aid treatment to each youngster and also conducts testing.

In order to reduce the amount of scratching and itching that occurs, temporary preservatives are used. Puppies feel more comfy. Everyone receives an injection, in addition to eye drops, from the doctor.

Where did they end up being dumped? The question is, then, what became to the mother dog.

Nobody knows the answer to this problem. After three days, they have reported that they are feeling a significant amount better. It is possible for them to go inside the veterinarian clinic and examine everything there.

These dashing young men developed quite quickly, but the issue that needed to be resolved was with their skin. The physician informed them that they need therapy for mold since they suffered from severe fungal skin beneath their hair. They were compelled to take their prescribed medication every day and wash with a certain kind of shower gel.

They were given the names Lira, Nils, Martin, and Gray to use moving forward.

The good news is that after a significant amount of time spent receiving treatment from professionals, all of them are beautiful and in good condition. The condition of the patient progressively improved, and they started to see new hair growth.

Two of them have been adopted by loving families, while the other two are cherished and cared for by everyone on the team. But, the other two have yet to find their forever homes. They have a very bright future in front of them.

By Elen

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