Hikers in Ireland’s Wicklow Mountains National Park performed a miracle for an Irish family when they discovered that their dog, which had been missing for two weeks, was still alive.

Retriever Neesha, who was 8 years old at the time, went missing in the highlands of Ireland’s Willow National Park at the beginning of January.

She went on a lengthy stroll with the owners’ second pet, a sheepdog called Harley, who accompanied them.

As they noticed the deer, both of the dogs took off running.

In the end, Harley was able to find her way back (she was located in the parking lot the next day), but Neesha completely disappeared without a trace.

The owners launched drones over the air and scoured the surrounding forests, but they were unable to locate their dog. They then placed a basket full of dirty linen close to the location where they had last seen Neesha in the hope that she would recognize the fragrance of the basket and leave the park.

The family also shared the news about the puppy through their various social media accounts. As more time passed, there was no fresh information on Neesha.

The owner of the dog, Erina O’Shea Goetelen, expressed her despair when she stated, “We were looking for her for a week, then another, but we began to lose hope.” The family gradually came to terms with the idea that their pet would not be seen again in their lifetime.

The news came in all of a sudden: medics and part-time keen climbers Jean-Francois Bonnet and Ciara Nolan spotted a dog on top of one of Willow’s peaks, despite the ice and snowy circumstances, nestled up between large stones.

Her rescuers said that Neesha was in a state of extreme fear and was shivering all over. They tried to put her on her paws, but she continued to fall over despite their efforts.

Ciara’s husband carried her down the mountain as she carried their golden dog on his back for the ten kilometers that it took to traverse the treacherous terrain. The guy fell many times after slipping on the ice and falling. To ensure the safety of the retriever, Ciara used a scarf to tie him to her boyfriend’s backpack.

The couple immediately contacted Ash Animal Rescue and sent a video of the puppy to the operator so that they could confirm the dog’s identification.

The rescue group was already aware that the family was looking for Neesha, and when they discovered her, they couldn’t believe their eyes. The dog had survived two weeks on the chilly mountainside without any food or water at all!

It seemed like a miracle had occurred. Neesha had lost a significant amount of weight and was dehydrated, but other than that, she was in good health.

According to Erina, “We had just about given up hope that day on Saturday, and when I received Ciara’s message saying she discovered our golden retriever… we were just so, so pleased.” Ciara had located our golden retriever. These were just out of this world incredible. We are at a loss for words to express our gratitude to them; not only were we ecstatic, but it was also a huge relief.

“We were at a loss for words as to how to convey our appreciation to those responsible for Neesha’s rescue for bringing her back to us. They are wonderful human beings.

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