A little black and brown puppy was sitting quietly on his dog bed as he waited to be found inside a dumpster along with some garbage bags and an old watermelon. It was hard to make out who he was among all of the junk since he blended in so well.

Fortunately, a Good Samaritan saw him and alerted environmental officials in Spartanburg, South Carolina, who immediately responded to the location of the incident.

Not much longer after that, the phone at the Greenville Humane Society began to ring.

Rachel Delport, the chief executive officer of the Greenville Humane Society, was quoted in an article published by The Dodo as saying, “We received a call asking if we would be willing to accept him.” “And of course, we accepted their offer.”

Delport was appalled that someone could just abandon an innocent animal like that in the garbage.

“It’s sad to see individuals who don’t take the required measures to treat animals the way they need to be treated,” she added. “It’s heartbreaking to see people who don’t treat animals the way they need to be handled.”

The little dog, who was eventually given the name Coleman, was overjoyed to be in the hands of humans who were concerned about him. His personality started to come out more, and he became much more outspoken. He loved whatever attention he could get his hands on.

As he arrived, Delport remarked, “After he got here, he was quite eager for some cuddles.” “He was given a lot of attention as well as toys.”

The humane society made sure that Coleman had access to all of the resources that would help him become an attractive prospect for adoption, and they even organized a picture session for him.

Coleman was eventually prepared to locate a family that would adore him for the rest of his life, and Delport is certain that he will do so as quickly as possible.

According to Delport, “there has been a lot of curiosity, and a lot of people contacting wondering how he is doing.” “Everyone in the neighborhood is pulling for him and hopes for the best for him,” she said.

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