A veterinarian by the name of Soner Büyümez was working on an isolated farm in Turkey earlier this week when he became startled by a sound in the distance that he was unable to ignore. That was a sound of desperation, almost like a plea for assistance.

According to what Büyümez told The Dodo, “I instantly raced to the location.” It seemed as if there had been a landslide. I looked down and saw a dog that was buried alive. The only part of her that remained above ground was her head.

The dog seemed to be in pain. Yet as Büyümez was about to find out in a short while, she wasn’t only worried for her own life.

“That was quite distressing for me when I had my first encounter with her,” stated Büyümez.

He was conscious of the urgent need to take action.

After hastily retrieving a shovel, Büyümez immediately started digging.

When Büyümez lifted the earth that had been entrapping the dog, he was startled by another sound. The sound was faint, yet it could not be ignored.

“I heard the cries of pups,” said Büyümez. “I saw them.” They were located underneath the surface of the earth.

Once the first dog was successfully removed from the area, Büyümez started digging again in an effort to safeguard her puppies.

In the end, Büyümez was able to rescue seven pups who had been buried alive when the ceiling of their subterranean burrow fell in, much to the relief of the babies’ anxious mother.

It was all because of Büyümez’s fast thinking that the family of fuzzy creatures was now secure and unharmed.

Büyümez is of the impression that the mother dog was a stray and had to fend for herself in that precarious location. Yet, from this point on, she and her infants will no longer be by themselves.

“The overall state of their health is rather satisfactory. Protecting both the mother and her pups from harm “Büyümez stated. “I shall look after them as if they were my own.”

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