When Willians Mollo Flores left his house in Chile earlier this month to take his dog for an evening stroll in his neighborhood, he had no idea that he would end up being the one to save someone else’s life. Yet, he went farther than that. He rescued two people.

Flores observed that his dog was pulling on the leash in a different direction than they were going as they passed by an abandoned construction site. It didn’t take Flores long to figure out the reason for it.

According to what Flores told The Dodo, “My dog-directed me towards an abandoned puppy.” “There was a lot of wailing coming from the dog.”

It was later discovered that the puppy wasn’t attempting to get Flores’ attention for the sole purpose of gaining it for himself.

The location of the dog that had been left behind was denoted by many large, gaping holes in the ground. And concealed inside one of them was still another canine.

He was unable to escape.

The behavior of the first dog made perfect sense all of a sudden.

“He was pleading for assistance,” Flores said. It was impossible for his sibling to free themselves from the hole on their own. The pit was too deep.

Flores said, “I was at a loss for words as to how to respond.” “You might say that it was a pretty stressful time. But, I hastened back home, where I obtained some food, drink, and rope before coming to the assistance of the dog. I had to climb into the hole, but I was successful in rescuing the dog.

As he was freed from the hole, the dog that had been imprisoned rushed straight to his brother or sister as if to express his gratitude to them for their assistance in saving him.

The dogs consumed the food and drank the water that Flores had brought for them, but despite this, they were still unable to follow him back home. Thus, Flores remained there with them at that location. During the course of the subsequent four hours, he posted requests for assistance on several social media platforms.

The animal rescuer Valeska Torres Tapia found out about the circumstances at that location. Even though it was late at the time, she nonetheless sped to the location in order to relieve Flores of his role as the saving post.

According to what Tapia told The Dodo, “I carried the dogs home.” “Even though they were scared, I showed them all the love I could muster,” she said.

Tapia gave the dogs baths and combed their fur once they were back at her house. There, she was able to see that the loyalty that they felt with one another ran deep, which was one of the contributing factors that led to their rescue.

Tapia said that the two could not be separated. “It’s the most gorgeous thing in the world.”

She decided to give them the names Angel and Salvador.

Tapia thinks that the owner of the puppy factory had abandoned the dogs there, despite the fact that it is not quite obvious how the pups came there all by themselves, with one of them being stuck in a hole.

It would seem that the only thing they were certain about was their ability to trust one another.

Tapia said that the couple constantly embraces one another, looks out for one another, and does not let go of one another’s hands. Since they are continually holding one other, these two young children behave quite similarly to conjoined twins.

It had only been a few weeks before Flores and his dog stumbled onto the desolate location. Angel and Salvador were formerly homeless, but now they are living happily ever after with one another in a loving household. Tapia made the decision to take ownership of the dogs herself.

“After saving a dog, I always strive to find them a wonderful family,” she added. “It makes me feel good to see them so happy.” “Due to the fact that Angel and Salvador cannot be separated, I am aware that it will be challenging for them to locate a household. They are inseparable from one another. Thus, I will take care of them and shower them with more love than they could ever hope to comprehend.”

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