Fishtopher, on the other hand, is not able to mask his feelings in the same way that other creatures do. The rescue cat, who is 5 years old, almost always has his emotions written all across his face. Fishtopher’s face of discontent precisely represented how he felt about being at the Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center after it was discovered that he had been living as a wanderer in the state of New Jersey. He had been staying there after being found.

Although though Fishtopher was very fond of the people who took care of him at the shelter, all he really want was to have a family of his own.

Fishtopher displayed symptoms of loneliness very immediately after arriving at the shelter. He wouldn’t eat until a member of the shelter staff came to see him in his kennel, and he longed for personalized care. Everyone who worked at Homeward Bound fell in love with him, but they were all aware that he deserved a home where he could stay permanently.

Hence, they made a description on Petfinder for him that appropriately described how unique he was and how much they wanted him.

His description described him as being “kind, loving, gentle, quiet, and a couch potato.” “He is a kind kid who doesn’t make a fuss over anything. He loves being held close, and it seems that this gives him a sense of safety.

The staff at the animal shelter concluded the profile with a description of the sort of house they believed Fishtopher would thrive in the most, as well as a call to action that they hoped would encourage the appropriate family to adopt him.

According to what was written, “We believe that Fishtopher would do best in a more tranquil household.” “Will you please come and save our large, lovable boy?”

Molly Clarke, a member of Twitter, was the first person to post a snapshot of Fishtopher’s description, coupled with a photo of his cute, downcast face. This happened not long after his profile went public.

Clarke’s tweet instantly gained widespread attention, and before long, Homeward Bound was inundated with inquiries about adopting Fishtopher.

In a post on their Facebook page, Homeward Bound said that the organization had received “literally hundreds” of requests from prospective adoptive parents. “There was a queue of people waiting in front of the store this morning!”

After seeing the widely shared tweet, Laura Folts and Tanner Callahan had an immediate realization that Fishtopher was destined to become a member of their family. They had a two-hour drive to get to the shelter, but once they arrived, Fishtopher was immediately adopted by them.

Although Fishtopher’s shelter pals were going to miss spending time with him, they were happy that he was moving to such a wonderful new home.

The animal shelter stated, “We’re quite pleased for him.” “Fishtopher has successfully escaped the premises!”

As soon as Fishtopher, Folts, and Callahan got into the vehicle together, he immediately began becoming more comfortable among them. The cat was timid, but he was aware that he was being cared for by caring hands.

Folts said in a tweet, “He is quite timid, but once handled, he prefers to hide his face into the crook of your arm.” Folts’s comment was in response to a question about the cat’s personality.

The joyful pair greeted Fishtopher with hugs and kisses for the rest of their two-hour trip back home, and as soon as they got back inside their house, they set right to work learning all they could about Fishtopher.

“The sofa and snacks from puree tubes are two of his all-time favorites!” Folts was the author. “Most of all, he’s simply excited to receive some sweets,” I said.

Folts and Callahan saw a shift in Fishtopher’s mood almost immediately after it occurred.

The cat’s eyes, which had been drooping, suddenly opened wider, and they were filled with interest. His ears, which had previously been depressed, perked up as he began taking in all of the new noises, including the sound of a treat bag being opened, the kisses of his parents, and, for the first time, stillness.

Fishtopher quickly adjusted to his new surroundings and is now making the most of each day at his parent’s side as they shower him with love. The pair can’t get enough of the cute and joyful look on the young guy’s face and are completely enamored with him.

The former rescue cat has been adopted and is now enjoying the life he always imagined for himself.

Folts referred to him in his writing as “the goodest, best youngster.”

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