The 61-year-old actor, who has won an Emmy for his work, gave an interview to CBS Sunday Morning in which he discussed his career in an open and honest manner. During the interview, he welcomed cameras into The Woods, a cannabis dispensary that he co-owns in West Hollywood.

Harrelson, who rose to fame as the lovable bartender Woody Boyd on the television show Cheers, is of the opinion that his ardent advocacy for marijuana may have been detrimental to his career. When he first started speaking about it 25 years ago, which he referred to as “coming out of the closet on the herb thing,” he explained that the public did not exactly respond favorably at the time. This was the first time that he had started speaking about it.

Harrelson stated that his reaction “was not a happy, frolicking, fun response,” and he added that he “does not think it helped” his career. People in this industry are just eager to categorize you into a certain category, you know what I mean?

The Hunger Games star gave up smoking weed several years ago, hoping it would benefit his relationships with others, including his wife, Laura, and their three daughters.

“I wanted to be emotionally available to my family, to my friends. It was a good experiment,” said Harrelson, who lives in Hawaii with his family. Willie Nelson, a legendary figure in country music, was the one who convinced Woody Harrelson to smoke during one of their poker games. This was the turning point in Harrelson’s relationship with Nelson.

“Willie would always put on an act as if he was unaware that I had left the company. I’m probably repeating myself for the fifth time that day when I say, “I quit, you know.” And he responds with a “Oh, oh.” I have a very successful hand. He gives it to me right away, and I just grab it and take a big drag from it. Then he says, “Welcome home, son!” as he watches me exhale “the actor from Triangle of Sadness discussed it.

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