Bill was born and raised in London. He just shown that dogs have far healthier hearts than humans do.

We are all aware of how friendly and outgoing these canine companions can be. Nonetheless, they never cease to amaze us with the novel strategies they intend to use in order to earn our favor. We have come to tell you the story of Bill, a dog that tried to act as though he had a handicap in order to get treats.

Russell Jones, the owner of Bill, was injured on his right leg and was wearing a plaster cast. Because of this, he was unable to walk without the use of a crutch. So, in an effort to be just like his master, Bill the dog started behaving like he was limping.

I beg you, please don’t tell me that you like that face.

The event was documented in a video that Rusell uploaded to Facebook and disseminated.

He states this in the captioning of the video.

“I spent $300 on veterinary bills and X-rays, but there was nothing wrong with me. It’s just unfortunate.” I admire him.

The video has garnered 39 thousand shares and 22 thousand likes thus far.

Bill was striving to commend his human out of sheer affection for this person, and nothing more. To show how much he cared about Russell, he lifted the front of his left foot and walked as if he had a limp.

What a good-natured pet this dog is.

By Elen

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