Vince Gill is a well-known musician, songwriter, and vocalist from the United States who excelled in the field of country music in the 1980s. Both as a solo artist and as the singer of his own country rock band, Pure Prairie League, in the 1970s, he was able to acquire a considerable amount of commercial success.

Gill was inspired to pursue a career in music by his own father, who urged him to become an instrumentalist and taught him how to play the banjo, guitar, bass, mandolin, Dobro, and violin. Gill was born in Norman, Oklahoma, in 1957. His father encouraged Gill to pursue a career in music.

After some time, Gill’s career took off, and as a result, he is now recognized as one of the most successful country performers in the whole world.

Gill is a legend in his own right due to the fact that he has sold more than 26 million records. The musician, who was born and raised in Oklahoma, has put out more than 20 studio albums and more than 40 songs that have charted on the Hot Country Songs lists.

He has received 18 CMA Awards, which include five Male Vocalist Awards and two Entertainer of the Year recognitions. These awards were granted to him by the Country Music Association. Moreover, the Recording Academy has awarded a total of 22 Grammy Awards to Gill, and in 2007, he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

In 2016, Joe Walsh inducted him into the Guitar Center Rock Walk. The following year, in 2017, Joe Walsh was recruited by the Eagles to replace Glenn Frey in the band. Deacon Frey was hired at the same time.

One of the most well-known songs by Gill is “Go Rest on That High Mountain,” which was released in 1995 and became a hit. The song went on to win the CMA Song of the Year Award in 1996 as well as two Grammy Awards in 1996, one for Best Male Country Vocal Performance and the other for Best Country Song.

Since then, a wide variety of singers have provided their own interpretations of the song, with country music queen Carrie Underwood being one of those performers. The fact that she brought tears to Gill’s eyes throughout her performance demonstrates that her rendition is among the most moving of all of them.

Due to the fact that she has a highly unique high-register voice, Underwood stands out among other performers in the country music genre. The Times Union said in a review of one of her performances that “she’ll let free with an absurdly long note that runs through more octaves than you thought existed.” This was one of the highlights of the performance.

Underwood began her career as a singer while she was still a child, beginning with performances at her family’s church in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Underwood was born on March 10, 1983. The year 2005 was the year that eventually catapulted the singer to popularity as she triumphed on the popular singing competition series “American Idol.”

After the conclusion of the program, Underwood went on to record a series of hit songs and albums, all the while showing her great voice and vocal skills. Her songs “Before He Cheats,” “All-American Girl,” and “Jesus, Take The Wheel” are among her most well-known works. Underwood is now widely considered to be among the most successful and well-known female country singers of all time, having garnered a number of accolades along the way.

In September 2022, Underwood was selected to pay tribute to Gill at the “CMT Giants” television special by performing “Go Rest on That High Mountain,” which was one of Gill’s most well-known and successful songs.

In the minutes before she took the stage, Underwood delivered a brief but passionate address in which she reflected on her childhood memories of watching and listening to Gill, who has become one of her primary inspirations in her now-active career.

“I’m from Oklahoma, and he’s an Okie guy,” she said. “I feel like getting to grow up and seeing him and other artists like him who were from a little bit down the road go on to live the dream that I wanted someday maybe to have was just really motivating,” Underwood revealed. “It was just like getting a sneak peek into the future.” “He’s clearly got a fantastic voice, and some of the songs he’s written are certainly some of the most unforgettable in this age of country music. Just being able to be at this location is an incredible privilege.

During her rousing performance, Underwood paid a heartfelt homage to Gill while dressed in an airy gown in a pale aquamarine hue. Her beautiful voice filled the stadium. During the whole of her performance of “Go Rest on That High Mountain,” she is backed by a choir comprised of Belmont University students.

It is hardly surprising that “Go Rest on That High Mountain” was ranked as the 17th saddest country song of all time by Rolling Stone; the melancholy but profound message that the song conveys is certain to elicit an emotional response from anybody who listens to it due to the lyrics.

Ah, the tears we shed the day you had to leave us. Grieving over your passing, we gathered around your tomb; I wish I could see the angels’ faces. When they hear your very beautiful voice singing,” Underwood sung. “Go rest high on that mountain – Son, your job here on earth is done, Go to heaven a-shouting, Love for the Father and Love for the Son.”

During the heartfelt performance, the camera turned to a teary-eyed Gill who was also mouthing the words from time to time. Gill was visibly moved by the performance. During her performance, the whole of the arena rose to its feet to give her a standing ovation and thunderous applause.

Since Underwood, like Gill, is a Christian who practices singing, it was extra meaningful for her to perform the song on the television special because she, too, is a vocal practitioner. The two have worked together in the past, most notably for a rendition of “How Awesome Is Thou Art.”

At that time, when the roles were reversed, Gill was the one who presented Underwood with a special award from the Academy of Country Music. The award was given in recognition of Underwood’s status as the first and only female artist in the history of the academy to ever win Entertainer of the Year twice. Since Underwood and Gill did such a fantastic job performing the song, it has received more than 4.7 million views.

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