He made the decision to do more for his buddies than merely feel sorry for them.

This youngster, who is just in elementary school, is quite intelligent and has a clear sense of what he wants to achieve with his life. The youngster developed a fondness for dogs at the age of four.

He then attracted attention by bringing in just pups from the shelter who weren’t in need. He was really sorry for them.

The infant, however, made the decision to do more than simply feel bad for his small pals.

He thus made a new birthday request. He utilized the funds to help street animals who were starving and close to death.

While Roman was still a very young kid, he founded his own Project Freedom Ride Foundation.

Dogs living in shelters or on the streets are looked for homes by those who work for this charity.

The youngster is helped the most by his mother, McConnie Jennifer. In the previous year, more than 30 dogs had found new homes as a result of their efforts.

Because of this good-hearted youngster, many abandoned pups are protected and cared for.

Instead than waiting for someone to compliment us, we can go after Romeo and perform more nice deeds.

Pets depend on us! You should never avert your gaze or turn your head away from an animal in distress. Take them to local shelters if you are unable to pay to care for them.

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