Little Nuggie did not come from her own biological family. The little kitten, just six weeks old, ventured far and wide in the hopes of finding a human to love and care for her. Then, one day, when she was feeling too exhausted and hungry to continue, she happened to wander into the life of the exact perfect person, and she made the decision that she should be the one to assist her, and she refused to accept “no” for an answer.

On the day when she was saved, Nuggie called out for assistance while perched on the windowpane of a stranger who was friendly to her. She wept for a little bit longer since no one came to help her while she was in distress. The homeowner eventually saw Nuggie and brought her inside to keep her safe until a local rescue organization could take over for them. Finally, Nuggie’s plan was successful.

May Walsh, who works with Detroit Community Cat Rescue, told The Dodo that a resident of Detroit contacted them about a little kitten weighing less than a pound that was found on their doorstep. They emailed us a snapshot, and after seeing it, we simply couldn’t refuse!

May and her colleagues immediately got to work to rescue Nuggie and put her under their care. And although while she initially struggled with a few very small health problems, her condition is now improving.

May said that her friend is in good health and enjoying life. Nonetheless, despite the fact that she enjoys playing a little bit more than she does being cuddled, she is still quite adorable. Due to the fact that she is always jumping about, she reminds us of a cricket. Since her whiskers are longer than the rest of her body, she sometimes falls over them.

The rambunctious kitten is now seeking her everlasting home, the place where she will never have to experience being lonely again.

May said that Nuggie has brought a great deal of happiness into her life as well as the shelter. “She is the perfect example of why rescuing animals can be really satisfying for people as well as cats!”

By Anna

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