Megan Mannarelli- Martin and her husband had gone without a vacation for many years prior to the recent trip they took, but they were finally able to find the opportunity to take one. It is difficult for the pair to pull themselves away from their work at Rafiki’s Rescue, which is a special needs animal shelter. They went so far as to bring three of their own rescued cats along with them in order to make things work. They were looking forward to taking some time for themselves and recharging their batteries, so they decided to take a journey in their automobile.

They were just four hours into their vacation when they came across an abandoned puppy that was running in the middle of a highly busy road. It seems that rescue work follows them everywhere they go since they came across it.

At that point in the journey, they were extremely far from anything, so it appeared very probable that the dog, who was eventually given the name Kevin, had been abandoned somewhere. They were aware that they could not just abandon her in that situation, so they moved straight into rescue mode.

According to what Mannarelli-Martin shared with The Dodo, “Kevin was afraid when we spotted her, but was really interested in being saved.” “Earning her confidence required a whole hour of my time. If giving pursuit to her would make her even more terrified and force her to flee back into the center of the road, then it was impossible for me to do so. So I sat on the divider in the middle of the road and waited for her to get near enough to me to feel comfortable grabbing her. This took about an hour. Finally, when she was within reaching distance, I grabbed her.

After ensuring that Kevin was secure, they helped her relax inside the vehicle and then looked for a microchip in her body. They searched local internet forums and contacted local shelters in the event that she had a family that was seeking for her despite the fact that she didn’t have one of her own. In the meanwhile, they came to the conclusion that the most sensible course of action would be to bring her along on their trip.

They made a brief pause in order to gather all of the things that would be necessary to properly care for her, and then they proceeded on their journey. She was obviously terrified, but the more time she spent with her saviors, the more she relaxed, and before long, she had changed into the kindest and most ecstatic little dog you could ever imagine.

Mannarelli-Martin said that considering the circumstances, it was remarkable how quickly she adjusted. “On that first night, she was very, very afraid, but it was evident that she was also thankful to be secure. When she saw us for the third night in a row, she was almost leaping with joy.

She went from being terrified for her life in the middle of the road to going on an adventure in Sequoia National Park with some strangers and their rescued cats, but none of this seemed to affect her at all. She couldn’t contain her excitement at being invited. She had a wonderful time at each and every stop along the way, particularly as the journey progressed and she became more relaxed. The couple could not believe how amazing she was in spite of all that she had gone through. It was almost as though they were destined to track her down.

Mannarelli-Martin referred to Kevin as a “super lovebug” in her statement. She is so happy all the time and all she wants is to be loved on and held.

Since then, the road journey has come to a conclusion, and Kevin is now established in the foster family she was placed in. She is doing very well and she loves playing with her foster siblings, whether they be cats or dogs. If she doesn’t turn out to be a foster failure, she’ll soon be ready to settle down in a family of her own.

According to Mannarelli-Martin, “She will be offered for adoption in the next couple of weeks after her final immunizations — that is, if I can give her up,” but she added that this is contingent on her being able to do so. “Our relationship is quite close.”

Martin and her husband had been attempting to break free from their commitment to the rescue effort for a few days. Instead, they discovered that they were there in the ideal setting at the most opportune moment to effect positive change in Kevin’s life.

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