Melanie Martinez’s boyfriend, Verde, is an inadvertent connection between her and her fans, Crybabies. The Crybabies send notes for the singer in the comments section of his social media posts and have cautioned him to be respectful to the skilled performer.

Since she began performing on “The Voice,” Melanie Martinez has derived inspiration for her alternative pop style from the time she spends with her significant other.

Despite the fact that she depicted herself on her first tour as wearing Lolita costumes and cuddly toys, the music was in no way saccharine. One of her earlier songs, which was about an ex-boyfriend, was included in the trailer for a horror show.

Melanie Martinez’s Boyfriend Is Skilled in Numerous Areas and Is a Brilliant Artist.

Verde, who was born Justin Greenwood on Long Island, New York, is the creator of Green Island LLC and works as an artist manager. The creative is a freelance graphic designer, music producer, and creative director who is headquartered in Washington, D.C. He has worked with Adidas and produced up-and-coming artists such as Mel Hines and Blasé Lux.

On February 28, 2022, Verde captioned professional photographs of herself in a bathtub with the phrase “*my bby” followed by a green love emoji. Throughout that year, photographs of her may be seen in slideshows geotagged in Mexico City, Joshua Tree, and “home.” They have participated in a number of picture sessions since the year 2020.

On the evening of February 23, 2023, just a few minutes after Martinez published the artwork for the cover of her next album titled “Portals” on social media, Verde also uploaded the images on the Stories sections of both of his Instagram accounts.

The breakup was so significant to Oliver Tree that the band devoted a whole album to it.
Martinez cozied up with her photographer in Joshua Tree in February 2022, around the same time that her ex-boyfriend Oliver Tree recorded a country song titled “Cowboy Tears,” which was likely influenced by their breakup.

“We’re spinning around on this carousel if you get my drift,” which is included in the chorus of “Cowboys Don’t Cry,” the first single off of the album, makes a blatant reference to his ex-smash girlfriend’s song “Carousel.” The remaining tracks on the album, such as “Doormat” and “Villain,” are therapeutic in nature. Tree said:

“Nothing I write is based on any fiction. It is really necessary that these songs be based on real events when I perform them.

On October 2, 2020, Alternative Press Magazine was there to record the two people’s natural banter. Tree indicated to the publication that he would only agree to an interview if it were done by Martinez. The session degenerated into a humorous diatribe in which he accused her of lying about being lactose intolerant, and she branded him a bad stalker and stupid since she had never mentioned anything of the kind. He accused her of lying about being lactose intolerant throughout the discussion.

She finished the interview by asking what she considered to be a very crucial question, which was, “Who is his celebrity crush?” The musician known for the song “Alien Boy” answered in the same playful way as he did with all of the questions:

“She goes by the name Melanie Martinez, and I really didn’t want to say this, but she is quite possibly the most stunningly gorgeous lady in the whole planet. If you ever decide to marry me, I want you to have my children.”

Melanie Martinez’s Producer Was Her Boyfriend at the Time

During an interview in 2016, she disclosed the fact that her partner, Michael Keenan, assisted her in decorating her apartment with eerie dolls and other old toys. They collaborated on her first album, “Cry Baby,” which was released in 2015, and he produced her second album, “K–12,” which she wrote while traveling the globe.

Keenan was born in Western Massachusetts and relocated to Brooklyn after finishing his education. He had previously spent a significant amount of time in New York City. Martinez said that he had all of the characteristics that she desired in a life mate, which included the following:

“It is wonderful to have someone in your life who is not just your closest friend but also a music collaborator; he is producing my next record. The act of writing with him is one of my most treasured experiences. Simply said, it is really simple.”

Melanie Martinez Has Composed Songs for Everyone of Her Ex-Boyfriends.
Martinez penned her own rendition of the love ballad “Training Wheels” for the drummer of her band, whom she was dating at the time. The song “Soap,” which is included on the same album, was also written about a lover. She compared expressing her sentiments in the beginning of the relationship to putting a toaster in her boyfriend’s bathtub, and as a result, she had to wash her mouth out with soap.

The song “Carousel,” which can be found on her EP titled “Dollhouse” and was released in 2015, was written about an ex-boyfriend. It seemed really appropriate that the creepy tune was included in the teaser for the next episode of “American Horror Story: Freak Show.”

In a series of tweets published in May of 2017, Timothy Heller made the allegation that the singer had sexually assaulted him. A few hours later, Martinez gave a response on the platform, stating that they had a mutually consenting meeting with each other. Heller is certain that she rejected him more than once.

In November of 2016, Heller tweeted a hypothetical scenario regarding the repercussions of coming out with allegations of abuse. For the next twenty minutes, Martinez made an attempt to phone her, marking the first time in a whole year that she had done so. Martinez told Heller’s boyfriend, Mikey, through text message that she had a dream that prompted her to get in contact with her, and she also advised that Heller visit a healer.

According to Heller, on June 25, 2015, a friend of hers forced her to participate in a sexual game that lasted for many hours and used fur-lined shackles.

Since Martinez is a woman, Heller first did not believe that her tale fit in the context of the #MeToo movement, which gathered steam when a number of women came forward with allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein. As Heller explained it:

“We continued to be friends despite the fact that this was a very odd situation. I believe that I have been discounting the significance of my own experience for such a long time just because she is not a male. On top of that, she was a friend of mine, and I dealt with what took place in quiet because I didn’t want to be vindictive.”

During the “Dollhouse” tour in 2014, Heller and Martinez became good friends. Heller’s old band, Dresses, served as the opening act for the tour. With a text message, Martinez unexpectedly severed their connection, explaining that she just could not allow herself to be distracted by anybody at that stage in her career.

According to Heller, the physic advised the singer to exclude certain individuals from her life in order to increase her chances of winning a Grammy. When approached for a reaction, the representative of one alumnus of “The Voice” directed CNN to the singer’s remark on Twitter. Since then, every single one of either party’s tweets has been removed.

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