A Tortie cat and her two littermates are thrilled to finally find a family that will care for them after being abandoned for many days at the shelter.

She improved her strength and her level of activity with each passing day.

After each meal, the little tortie would roll about in her nest with a contented expression on her face, wagging her tiny claws, and pleading for further head scratches and rubs.

When Laura Malone, the director of Mini Cat Town, went to a local shelter to pick up a litter of kittens, she stumbled upon a trio of cats who needed to be rescued. Mini Cat Town is a cat rescue organization situated in San Jose, California. “They came in as unweaned orphaned bottle babies at the same time as my litter of (five) fosters,” Laura recalled in an interview. “My litter of (five) fosters were also with me at the time.”

She went back to her house with the five, but she couldn’t stop thinking about the three, and she fervently wished that either a foster volunteer or another rescue organization would come along soon to take them in.

“After a week of taking care of my litter of five bottle babies, I realized that they were healthy and required little attention, so I decided to take in some more kittens.”

When she and her two siblings found their way to the shelter, she was an orphaned kitten.

When she went back to the shelter, she discovered that the three dogs that she had met a week earlier were still waiting for a home to call their own. “I will never, ever forget the three of you! After a week of no rescues, I decided to get rid of them.

At two weeks old, the kittens had to be fed continuously; if they had been left unattended at the shelter for the night, they would not have been able to live. Before the kittens were delivered into Laura’s care, Ana, a volunteer who works nights, had stepped in to provide assistance.

They stayed at the shelter for a week before being adopted by a foster family after that.

Angel Soft, a tortie with a little frame, caused everyone at the shelter anxiety from the moment she arrived. She was frail and had sad eyes, but as soon as a towel was wrapped over her, she became ecstatic and wanted to be attended to in every way possible.

Laura started giving the kittens medicine for their gastrointestinal issues and started feeding them via syringes. They were provided with an inviting and toasty bed to sleep in, in addition to undivided attention, care, and love.

By entering a warm and inviting environment, Angel’s disposition quickly improved.

Angel’s disposition improved almost immediately once he became aware that he was living in a pleasant house and that he had a whole family to look after him around the clock.

Each day, the three of them grew bigger and more powerful. As a direct consequence of their improved physical strength, their naturally daring and fun-loving selves emerged in full force. Angel quickly learned how to use the litter box and how to sit on her owners’ laps when they were cuddling.

After each meal, the little tortie would roll about in her nest with a contented expression on her face, wagging her tiny claws, and pleading for further head scratches and rubs.

Angel, in spite of the fact that she is rather little, is anxious to keep up with her brothers Charmin and Scott and is capable of competing with cats that are somewhat bigger.

“For a tortie, her personality is very laid back and kind. Throughout the course of the discussion, Laura said that “they have a reputation for being fiery and stubborn.”

Angel has fun playing with the new toys, basket, and other pleasures that came with their new playpen; nevertheless, as soon as she spots an empty lap, she hurries to fill it up with something.

“She is really pleasant to be around and loving. She is often the first to come up and sit on my lap so that I can give her cuddles and touch her.

The three had a visit from Ana, the nightly volunteer, not too long ago, and she was really pleased to see how far they have come.

“She couldn’t contain her happiness when she saw that they were all doing well and thriving. She was relieved to finally meet Angel Soft due to the fact that the personnel at the shelter had been concerned about her when she first arrived.

Angel and her siblings are receiving help from a large number of volunteers as well as a loving foster family, which has allowed them to develop into healthy and happy cats.

Enjoy this breathtaking video of the adorable cat Angel:

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