Bruce Willis, the oddly named cat, wandered the streets of Minnesota for a long time until he was taken to the city’s Animal Humane Society. Dubbed the saddest cat in the world, it wasn’t long before Bruce Willis the cat was adopted. His new mother, Sandra, altered the unhappy cat’s life totally in a year. Formerly recognized as the saddest cat of all time, Bruce is undoubtedly happy today.

After being adopted a year ago, Sandra has tracked the tabby’s progress every day. She just shared a timelapse video on TikTok and Bruce received hundreds of new admirers.

As soon as Sandra lay eyes on Bruce at the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota, she fell in love. She checked on him regularly and wasn’t sure about adopting a cat. A month passed, no one even enquired about the lovely orange tabby. It was a sign for Sandra that Bruce was going to be hers.

A year ago, Sandra claimed, he was the saddest cat. Today he appears the happiest among them all. Sandra went the mile to convince her landlord to allow Bruce live with her. Fortunately, she permitted it.

The moving TikTok video demonstrates that Bruce is a friendly cat who enjoys his new life. We adore that he’s found a new home with Sandra and expect to see more of those sweet TikTok videos.

By Elen

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