Paula Abdul is especially fond of celebrating Siblings Day, but she never misses an opportunity to tell her sister Wendy Abdul how much she respects her. The breast cancer diagnosis of her sister has transformed the former judge on “American Idol” into a passionate supporter of the breast cancer awareness movement.

The affection that Paula Abdul has for her older sister is so profound that it has spread all over the internet and been transmitted to Paula’s devoted followers. Wendy Abdul Mendel has always been at her siblings’ sides, proudly displaying the formidable Abdul genes at various occasions, but she has never been one to seek the spotlight for herself.

Her younger brother or sister’s tributes to her on Mother’s Day may give the impression that she is a parent. There is not a lot of information available about the nurse who is also a fan of Stevie Wonder.

Wendy Abdul, Paula Abdul’s Sister, Beat Breast Cancer and Is a Survivor

When Paula’s sister Wendy expressed concern about her health in the year 2000, Paula immediately set up an appointment for her with the head of the oncology department by using her extensive network of connections. The breast cancer diagnosis was not encouraging, but the “Forever Your Girl” singer was there to provide her support and encouragement.

In the days after the receipt of the cancer diagnosis, Wendy had surgery, as a result of which she is still alive and cancer-free today. On the comment area of the 2019 post the singer made for National Siblings Day, a fan submitted a heartfelt message about the cancer patient who beat the disease.

Jennifer Sarah Shabtai commented, “During El Rodeo, Wendy served as our team’s nurse! I am sending you a lot of love.” There has been no comment from the singer, nor has there been confirmation from any other source that Wendy worked in this position.

Wendy Abdul has a history of dancing, a hobby that she pursued despite the fact that she was ill.
According to Paula, the fact that dancing may be therapeutic highlights how important it is to preserve the art form. At the time that her sister was recuperating, she would put on some music by Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind, and Fire, the patient’s favorite artists, and start dancing. In her words:

“Even when she was terribly unwell, we continued playing the music, and we kept dancing and smiling and laughing, and I’ve gotta tell you it was one significant focus point that kept her going,” the doctor said.

In 2014, Paula collaborated with the Avon Foundation to produce a public service announcement (PSA) on breast cancer in the style of an empowering music video titled “Check Yourself.”

In 2016, Paula joined forces with Derek and Julianne Hough, all of whom were former contestants on “Dancing with the Stars,” as well as Vanessa Hudgens and Chita Rivera, in order to raise money and awareness for the benefit hosted by the organization I’m a Dancer Against Cancer.

On occasion, Wendy may accompany one of her siblings to an event as their guest, such as when they attended the Music Center’s 50th Anniversary Spectacular in 2014 or the Ellis Island Medals of Honor Ceremony in 2019.

Wendy Abdul, although maintaining a low profile, receives a lot of love from her more famous sister.
Wendy does not need a profile on social media since the affection that she receives as a result of her sister’s fanbase is residual. In 2018, Paula addressed the question to her fans on Facebook, “Do you have a sister that you just adore?”

“On this day—National Sisters Day—I want to give a shout-out to my beautiful sister Wendy. Her smile, her strength, and her heart have never failed to inspire amazement in me. Her open, welcoming, loving HEART! She is really one of the most amazing people that has ever walked the face of our world.”

Wendy receives birthday greetings from the “Straight Up” star’s followers on a regular basis. On March 30, 2011, Paula sent out the following tweet: “You guys are really kind for sending all of the birthday greetings to my sister Wendy.” That was validated by her assertion that they were having a nice time.

When Paula runs out of terms to explain the unbridled passion she has for her elder sister, she turns to great writers for inspiration and steals their phrases. In August of 2018, she read some of the work that author Barbara Alpert had done about sisters.

The author of the children’s book depicted sisters as witnesses who love unconditionally while having witnessed the worst that life has to offer, saying, “She is your instructor, your defense counsel, your personal press agent, and even your therapist.”

In the month of April 2019, Paula referred to a well-known quotation by Carol Ann Albright Eastman regarding the innocence of sisters and brothers. According to the author of “Always There,” one’s siblings are the only people who really understand when to support them and when to test them.

She creates a discourse with her fans and highlights the significance of recognizing one’s family via the consistent updates about siblings that Paula Abdul makes on her Instagram account.

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