Hooch is a humongous and funny dog whose favorite things include making new friends, playing with little dogs, and receiving a great deal of attention. She approaches every aspect of her life with true enthusiasm and is constantly ready to see what the future holds for her.

When Hooch’s mother saw “Crocs” for dogs advertised online, she knew she had to get a pair for Hooch and give them a try. Hooch always wears booties to protect her paws when she is outdoors, so this was a new experience for her. She had hoped that it would at least be a nice picture session, but the moment she put them on, Hooch fell over heels in love with them.

Holly Smith, Hooch’s mom, told The Dodo that her daughter was “instantly happy” when she put the shoes on for the first time. “We HAD to take a test walk,” she said.

Hooch was giddy with excitement as she paraded about the yard in her brand-new “Crocs.” She now wears them constantly and is willing to participate in almost any activity that includes her “Crocs,” including picture sessions…

In addition to just exhibiting them to the rest of the world.

Smith said that “she adores them.” When she wears them, she attracts a greater amount of attention.

For the moment, Hooch has just one set of “Crocs,” but in the not-too-distant future, he may acquire other pairs. Simply said, they make her very happy, and anybody who sees her wearing them will undoubtedly experience joy as a result.

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