Everyone wants to rescue their dog. Some dogs make an easy decision about their future home. On the other side, some people stay in shelters for a long period in the hope that someone would take them in.

This Unfortunate Pit Dog Is Unwanted Because Of His “Ugly” Appearance

People often choose the prettiest dog available when selecting a new pet. People make decisions based on looks. Many of them believe that adopting animals with unusual appearances is not a good idea.

Yet these creatures also need affection. like Wally, who had anxiously and for so long waited.

Wally is not your standard canine. His miserable life still had an impact on him.

When Wally was 10 years old, he was brought to the rescue center as a stray dog.
Along with having a skin issue, he also had a blind eye. Because of everything, Wally had the type of expression that would turn away prospective adopters.

This Unfortunate Pit Dog Is Unwanted Because Of His “Ugly” Appearance

Yet, the dog quickly rose to the top spot as the most beloved pet in the shelter due to his endearing personality.

He yearned for food and would stop at nothing to have it.

Wally was a kind dog that simply wished for a cozy home.

Regrettably, a lot of people that came to the shelter did not recognize its beauty. Wally searched unsuccessfully for a new house for a year. He had to be the only living thing.

His health also started to worsen as a consequence of the rejections.
When he initially entered, he used to be cheerful. While he enjoyed being outdoors, he seemed unhappy in his kennel.

Yet Wally’s tale has a triumphant conclusion. The shelter revealed that Wally has finally found his ultimate home after becoming popular on social media!

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