Stratus didn’t have a lot of room to herself, to begin with. The gray cat had been living in a cramped apartment in New York City with forty other feline roommates, and the only space she could really call her own was a thin window ledge that was perilously high off the ground.

When rescue workers from Animal Haven heard about Stratus’ predicament, they immediately hurried to provide assistance. The owner of Stratus had reached out to the rescue organization for aid since he could no longer manage the number of cats living in his house.

The employees at Animal Haven often took in between 10 and 15 cats at a time under their care. When they came for the third round of rescues, they saw Stratus sitting far above them, looking down at them from her intimidating, towering throne.

After much deliberation, the people who came to Stratus’s aid finally came to the conclusion that it would be to her best advantage to be allowed to enter the building on her own power.

“When the owner told us she retreated to the window ledge often, we feared that we’d scare her and she may fall.” “Despite the fact that it was a difficult choice, we came to the conclusion that it was in everyone’s best interest to wait until she returned inside.”

Eventually, Stratus got down from her perch on the window sill, but it wasn’t necessary because she was in a hurry to meet the people who came to her aid. As it turned out, Stratus was expecting a child and was looking for a location to give birth. When the rescuers eventually located her inside, she had just given birth to her newborn children.

We were stunned, but since we work in animal rescue, we’ve seen much more startling things than that in our time! Kirkman stated. “It did make us grateful that we elected to let her come inside rather than attempting to bring her down from the ledge, which might have been considerably more perilous if she was in the early stages of labor,” said one of the people.

Stratus and her babies were brought back to Animal Haven by the people who rescued them, where they got the required medical treatment as a family unit.

Stratus and her kittens will remain with Animal Haven until the babies are old enough to be rehomed, at which time they will all be seeking for their forever families. Stratus was found abandoned with her litter of kittens and brought to Animal Haven.

Kirkman is pleased to see that Stratus’s family is, at last, able to enjoy the life that they have worked so hard for all these years.

Kirkman said that Stratus was an exceptional mother. “She and her infants are all snug and content in their home,” said the doctor.

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