There’s a new social media chef in town, and he works extremely hard to keep fur out of the dishes he makes for people to consume on social media. More than 170,000 people have subscribed to the Culinary with Badger Instagram account, which is run by Chef Badger, a golden retriever who appears in his cooking videos wearing a chef’s hat, coat, and sometimes even a pair of Crocs as a prop. People have been obsessed with the dog after watching him “prepare” hundreds of dishes, ranging from spaghetti and meatballs to clam chowder, in lighthearted short movies set to music.

“He’s the finest dog in the whole world,” comments his dog mom Jessica, who works as a private chef and chooses to keep her last name undisclosed to preserve the privacy of her customers. “He’s the best dog in the entire world.” Jessica and her husband were impressed by Badger’s breeding line while they were babysitting Badger’s uncle and were blown away by the dog’s remarkable disposition. Badger is a gorgeous boy golden retriever who is 18 months old and is a golden retriever. Badger is a golden retriever.

Jessica can vividly recollect thinking, “We really need one of these.” It would take the couple close to two years to adopt Badger from the tiny breeder, which mostly sells animals to members of their own family and close friends. Lake Tahoe is now the home of the family, where they share joyous moments together. “Badger” refers to his human parents as his “parents” on the endearing account that he maintains.

Jessica explains that owning a golden retriever has been a goal of hers for her whole life.

The pair that are responsible for Badger’s account does not have any professional expertise in social media; nevertheless, Jessica has more than ten years of experience working in the culinary business. Her whole professional life was spent as a personal chef up to the point that she decided to establish a family. The decision to let Badger go in the kitchen came about organically: “I simply thought it would be humorous if Badger became our personal chef,” she explains.

“”Since I’m in the kitchen so often,” she explains, “Badger is content to stand around and observe me.” It occurred to me that it may be hilarious to pick him up and see how engaged he wanted to be.”

When they made the decision to give it a go, the couple and Badger were on holiday in the camper that belonged to Badger’s family. To everyone’s delight, Badger gave their request their entire cooperation. While the scene is being shot, Jessica’s husband provides assistance to Badger by embracing him from behind and moving his arms in sync with Jessica’s movements behind the camera. She remembers that in the early days of working together on a film set, “He was simply thrilled to be closer to us.”

They had no idea what would occur after releasing the video of Badger on social media, but the account has become quite popular very fast. As part of the production, Jessica puts her culinary expertise to the test by taking responsibility of all aspects of food preparation, including chopping. They set up everything to be filmed at several spots all around their kitchen before they begin. In addition, they attempt to restrict the length of each filming session to no more than ten minutes at a time so as not to lose Badger’s attention. Before taking a break, they work hard throughout that period to have as many sequences filmed as they possibly can.

To everyone’s relief, there is not a ravenous chef to contend with: Badger, to everyone’s surprise, never attempts to taste the food that they are preparing. Jessica remarks, “He is such a gentleman.” “I don’t even comprehend. Because of this, the fact that he is not very driven by eating has really worked to our benefit.”

After the filming is through, they will serve Badger some of whatever they cooked, whether it was chicken or steak, as a befitting treat for his culinary expertise. Badger’s favorite food? Raw filet mignon. Jessica tells Yahoo Life that he has a sophisticated air about him.

Since the account was established a little over six months ago, the pair has uploaded hundreds of video recipes on Instagram, many of which have garnered millions of views each. Even though Badger spends the most of his time in the kitchen of the house where he was raised, he also likes cooking elsewhere, such as when he took an RV vacation to Colorado not too long ago. Although Jessica claims that Badger helps out around the house by doing things like cleaning and organizing the pantry, the vast bulk of the videos that are uploaded to the channel feature him preparing food in the kitchen.

“He can do a lot of different things,” she adds. “Coming from my history of being a personal chef, you pretty much have to make anything the customer wants that night, and he can cook it all,” I said. “He can cook everything.”

Badger enjoys preparing his father’s all-time favorite dish, which is wild Atlantic fish cooked in maple miso and served with sugar snap peas, trumpet, and oyster mushrooms. But other than that, what other adventures are ahead for the charming puppy? Jessica considers the possibility of anything happening with her dog to be given. “I would really love to do a cookbook with Badger,” she adds. “It would be such an honor.”

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