Botched has shown some particularly frightening examples of before-and-after cosmetic surgery transformations, such as Rajee’s cement face implants and the twins Lucy and Anna, who were devastated to realize that their breast implants weren’t quite symmetrical. Despite the fact that they have helped hundreds of individuals via their corrective plastic surgery services, Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif are not hesitant to turn away a patient for whom the hazards of a specific operation exceed the advantages of having that procedure done.

When it comes to saying no to patients, Dr. Dubrow, who is 59 years old, has been quoted as stating, “I understand there are 10 plastic surgeons on this block who’ll operate on you, but I encourage you to have realistic expectations.” “Stop trying to be flawless all the time. Plastic surgery is nothing more than an opportunity to improve upon your natural appearance. People will come up to me and ask, “Do I really need this?” In response, I would say “No. You have no need for any of it at all, unless you have a significant abnormality that is impacting you socially.'”

Botched is a story that serves as a warning, which is another reason why I like watching it, as Dubrow said further. “Actual surgery may put patients in real risk. Check to see if the potential rewards outweigh the potential drawbacks.

And the hazards, we’ve obviously seen. Patients who received Botched were at an increased risk for a variety of serious conditions, including necrosis, infections, granulomas, and blindness. A year after his appearance on the show, Toby Sheldon, who was known for his uncanny resemblance to Justin Bieber and had reportedly spent more than $100,000 to imitate the singer’s appearance, was found passingdie of a drug overdose in 2015.

Check out some of the strangest changes made on Botched in the past!


When Rajee came to see Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif seeking surgical assistance for the “black-market cement” injections in her face, the doctors weren’t certain whether or not the nodules in Rajee’s face were operable due to the fact that Rajee had come to them seeking aid. Rajee’s face has been regenerated, and the nodules have mostly disappeared, all as a result of the surgeries that the Botched physicians performed on her (and her three different appearances on the program)!


The thirty-year-old woman had hoped to have lips like Angelina Jolie’s, but an unscrupulous cosmetic surgeon who let a nurse inject Keara with silicone instead of the patient rendered her lips unable to shut properly. Keara’s lips continued to swell up during the course of her life. After repairing Keara’s lips, the physicians broke the news that Keara had developed granulomas.


The twins Lucy and Anna are identical, and both of them have had plastic surgery to make them seem even more alike. This procedure cost several thousand dollars. When the twins found out that their breasts were not identical to one another, they sought the assistance of both Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow in order to attain perfect symmetry.


Albert was born with Poland Syndrome, a congenital condition that results in just having one chest muscle. He sought medical care in Mexico, but the procedure nearly resulted in his death since it was performed incorrectly. A chest implant was given to Albert by both Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow, which resulted in an increase in the symmetry of Albert’s chest.


Her nose sustained significant damage in an accident involving a motorcycle that occurred in Italy fifteen years before Luci sought medical attention for her condition. However, during the pre-assessment, Dr. Dubrow discovered that Luci had two brain aneurysms, which meant that she needed surgery as soon as possible in order to have any chance of survival. She went back to the doctor after the operation to get her nose mended.


At barely 10 years old, Christina was gravely injured in a fire that she was in. Her jawline ended up appearing crooked as a result of the burns. Even the reconstructive procedures that Christina had in the wake of the disaster were not enough to make a difference. Due to the more square-jawed appearance that the further operations performed after the fire gave her, she began to refer to herself as “Ms. Potato Head.” The doctors on Botched were able to give Christina a jaw that seemed less square and more natural to the eye.


George’s forehead and all three of his eyebrows are now scarred as a result of an accident with a scooter. But in order to repair the scar and reposition George’s eyebrows so that there are just two of them, Dr. Nassif first had to implant tissue expanders into George’s forehead. Dr. Nassif inserted two tiny bladders into George’s forehead, and then pumped saline into those bladders for many weeks, until the skin had stretched to the desired degree.

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