“very delighted” is how Simone Biles describes how her mother is feeling about the day of her daughter’s wedding.

After making a surprise appearance at a mother-daughter fitness class on January 15, the Olympian, who is 25 years old, discussed her special day in an interview with People magazine. Even though Biles’ mother Nellie wasn’t present at the lesson, the gymnast spoke at length about how she incorporated her mother in the preparation of her wedding and how her mother was a source of motivation for her workouts.

Biles tells PEOPLE about the process of arranging her wedding to her fiance Jonathan Owens, “She’s someone I can bounce ideas off of and has been letting me do my thing while I find out what works for us,” Biles says. “She plays a significant role in the celebrations that we have planned for our close circle, and we are really happy about that!”

She claims that her mother provides her with guidance on all matters. “I look up to both her and my dad in many different ways; not just as role models, but also as examples of what a solid basis of love and support looks like.”

This past weekend, Biles caught everyone in attendance by complete surprise when she entered the exercise class that was being conducted at an Athleta shop in Houston. Biles had previously revealed in February 2022 that she was engaged to Houston Texans safety Owens. The purpose of the session, which was taught by Jenny Sanchez, founder of Houston’s Dance House Fitness, was to encourage physical activity between mothers and daughters.

“My mom has always been my rock, and the concept of an intergenerational community of women coming together for an event that empowers them and provides them a joyful way to exercise is fantastic,” she adds. “I liked the idea because my mom has always been my rock.” I felt obligated to pay a surprise visit and say hi.

The surprise certainly had a significant impact on the younger generation of gymnasts who were in attendance. Biles wants these gymnasts to feel “empowered to accomplish whatever they put their minds to, whether it be in sports or in their entire day-to-day.”

She said, “I didn’t want to make a fuss in front of the class.” “Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time together, which contributed to the positive vibes that pervaded the space. I’m so happy that I was able to come out and support Jenny, who is one of my favorite dancing teachers in Houston. I was able to join in on the fun and show her some love.”

Biles was asked how she felt when she saw all of the other moms in the class hug their children, and she responded by saying that it “brings me back” to when she was that age.

“Throughout those years, my mother supported me in all aspects of my life, from academics to physical activity and everything in between. She continues to, and her continued support is something for which I will be eternally thankful “She divulges this information to others. “That is also one of the primary reasons why I really like shopping at Athleta. It’s all about building a network of women and girls who are there to assist one another.”

Given how well Nellie and Owens get along with one another, it is not surprising that Nellie will be attending her daughter’s wedding, even if this past weekend was full of unexpected events.

During the proposal, the NFL player was dressed in a gray suit, and Biles was wearing a black short dress. The proposal took place at a gazebo in Houston, and the NFL player wore a gray suit. Since then, the pair have been keeping their followers up to speed on the latest developments in their journey toward marriage. In October, the gold medallist gave followers of her Instagram account a sneak peek at her wedding dress by posting a picture of herself wearing a white fluffy little dress and captioning it with the phrase “On bride duty.”

Owens said it best in the comment section when he said, “I can’t wait.”

After a chance meeting at a Texans game in 2019, Biles has said that they had their first contact with one another via the dating app Raya in March of 2020. The gymnast revealed this to the Wall Street Journal. “He would allege that I slipped into his DMs,” she said. “I saw him and I thought, ‘Oh, he’s pretty cute,’ so I said hi… and then I saw that he was in the Houston area, so we started chatting a little bit, and then we went to hang out a week or two later,” she said.

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