T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach have not been seen on GMA3 since they were taken off the air about two months ago, and it does not seem that they will be returning there. According to sources who spoke to Yahoo Entertainment, ABC News is getting ready to cut connections with the anchors in the midst of their relationship, which has been making headlines.

One source notes that “it’s not official, but it’s moving that way,” and calls the mediation session that took place on Thursday “contentious at times.” According to a second source, discussions are still taking place, but they anticipate an announcement “imminently.”

TMZ, which was the first to report on their departure, claims sources inside the network who said that both Holmes and Robach would get compensation in accordance with their contracts. According to reports, in order to provide a justification for the firings, ABC accused both journalists of engaging in a variety of unethical behaviors.

Robach was purportedly accused of keeping liquor bottles in her dressing area, which is a breach of corporate rules. A source described the allegations as “crazy” due to the fact that some of the bottles had been delivered to her by senior network officials. She was also accused of coming up to work intoxicated after attending the College Football National Championship the previous year, which was described as “crazy” by a source close to the reporter who maintained that she was merely exhausted.

According to TMZ, ABC is said to have contended throughout the mediation process that Robach and Holmes did not conduct their professional relationship in an acceptable manner and that they made certain staff members uncomfortable. One person familiar with the situation referred to it as a “witch hunt.”

The request for comment from Yahoo was not immediately met with a response from a representative of ABC News. The attorneys for Robach and Holmes did not respond.

It appeared like ABC was sticking by Robach and Holmes once their affair was disclosed to the public, so this turn of events is a significant shift for the network. The journalists co-anchored GMA3 for two days, and the President of ABC News Kim Godwin assured the staff that their sexual connection, which was consensual, did not violate any policies of the organization. On the other hand, Robach and Holmes were taken off the air on December 5, and an internal investigation was begun at that time. Godwin said that the couple will be put on hold while the network went “through what’s best” and referred to their romantic relationship as a distraction.

However, Holmes and Robach are not allowing drama to come between them in any way. According to the sources cited by Yahoo, they are still together and going strong.

In September 2020, Robach and Holmes took over the anchor desk at GMA3’s What You Need to Know program as the new hosts. The previous year was the beginning of their love connection, however, the precise moment is unknown. Both had been married to other people, but in August of that year, they divorced their respective wives.

After ten years of marriage, Holmes presented Marilee Fiebig with a formal petition for divorce in the month of December. Robach’s marriage to the actor Andrew Shue has been going well for the last ten years. According to the rumor, Fiebig and Shue were both caught off guard by the relationship.

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