This dog owner decided to shake things up a little and have some fun, despite the fact that the weather was perfect for a normal stroll. He is taking his German Shepherd on a walk down the sidewalk as they both take in the pleasant weather. The loyal pet is completely oblivious to the fact that his master has a few secrets under his sleeve.

When his person begins to walk more slowly, the dog will turn around to make sure that he can still see his owner. It’s hard to tell, but he nearly appears to suspect that his owner is up to naught good. Despite this, he continues moving, content to be outside enjoying the fresh air. The German Shepard made a U-turn, and his owner quickly ducked behind a bush to avoid being seen. The dog persevered on his stroll, but he quickly became aware that his master was no longer in the vicinity.

When the unfortunate dog finally turned around, he saw that his master was nowhere to be seen. He was beyond himself with confusion. The dog turned his head to the left, then to the right, and finally back in the direction that he had been going before. How was it that he was able to escape?

The dog was so intent on finding his owner that he made an attempt to methodically go back over his previous movements in order to pinpoint the location where he had been separated from his master. He proceeds approaches the spot where his master is hidden while continuing to sniff about. He is so happy to see his master that he wags his tail in excitement as if he had been looking for him for hours, and when the man turns to check behind the tree, there he is! The manner in which his dog responded to the game of hide-and-seek causes his owner to have a good laugh. The whole of it was funny to watch. What a very amusing prank to do on a dog!

By Elen

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