Malinois Kuno, a Belgian Shepherd who was just four years old at the time, served with the British Special Forces in Afghanistan.

He used himself as an example to illustrate the point that a dog is the most suitable kind of friend for a person.

As a former member of the government who later resigned in order to assist British special forces in their fight against the Al-Qaeda organization, she was awarded the Dikin Medal.

The People’s Department of Animal Affairs is responsible for the creation of this award, which is the greatest possible honor that can be bestowed to an animal that has contributed to the British armed forces in any capacity.

In the interest of complete transparency, I should also mention that it is identical to the Victoria Cross, which is the honor that is equivalent to the Medal of Honor in the United Kingdom.

According to a veterinarian who works for a generous association and who observed that the story is true, the dog received a medal of valor for his bravery during one of the duties in Afghanistan quite some time ago. This information comes from the observation of the veterinarian who made the observation that the story is true.

The assailant, who was taken aback by the sudden appearance of the dog, opened fire, which prompted the dog to start moving and follow the assailant. The dog eventually bit the assailant on the hand, which resulted in his death while also preventing more casualties.

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