The deck was loaded against Stuart Little from the beginning. When his former family walked out of the house and abandoned him outdoors, he was only a little puppy weighing a little less than five pounds.

After that, he was on his own for the next three months, and he spent that time searching the streets of Los Angeles for his people.

Stuart wasn’t able to get much rest at that period of time since he was focused on survival. He spent most of the day searching for food, most of the time approaching people and pleading for their assistance, and he remained vigilant throughout the night.

Stuart made his way over to a member of the community police force one day when he was foraging for food. As he had been used to doing over the course of the previous several months, he raised his head towards the towering human in the hope that he would at the very least get some food. He was completely unaware that everything in his life was going to be turned upside down.

The officer took one look at Stuart Little and knew without a second thought that the dog need assistance. He dialed the number of Logan’s Legacy Rescue’s founder, Suzette Hall, and posed the question to her over the phone: “Do you have place for one more dog?” Hall didn’t give it a second thought before leaping into her vehicle and driving to Stuart’s place.

When Hall finally came to get Stuart, he was completely spent, but he couldn’t have been happier to be in a secure location.

According to the statements made by Hall to The Dodo, “When I got him in the vehicle, he basically climbed over the center console and crawled onto my lap.” “He slept in that position for the whole of the night.”

The next morning, Hall took Stuart to see the veterinarian. The little puppy did not have any significant ailments that required treatment other than the fact that it was underweight and coated in fleas. Therefore, when Stuart Little had a complete wash and had created a completely new eating plan for himself, he was prepared to go into a loving foster family.

The Littlest Hound is now in the hands of a foster family and is eligible for adoption. Stuart is enjoying this stage of his life immensely, despite the fact that he has not yet reached his goal of achieving a happy ending.

According to his foster mother, he is the happiest child who has ever lived, Hall added.

Stuart’s foster home is also shared by a younger puppy sister, who he adores and can’t get enough of. He loves his foster mother and all of the exciting things that the two of them do together, but above all else, he adores his brand-new secure home.

“He just loves his itty-bitty crate,” added Hall. “Every night he walks inside there and then he simply falls asleep calmly, quietly, with a full tummy,” the narrator says.

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